Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 17th March 2023 episode starts Ajit apologizing to Ayaan, saying that he never knew that Ayaan belongs to the Mittal family.

Ayaan tells him how Faltu has wanted to become a cricketer but has gotten herself trapped in a web of controversy, requesting him to reveal any information he knows about her.

Ajit replies that he only remembers Faltu coming into his hospital in the outfit of a bride with vermillion on her forehead.

He tells Ayaan that he saw Faltu being very possessive about the vermillion on her forehead, not telling anyone about its applier, yet wearing it every day.

Upon asking how he has met Faltu, Ayaan explains that he is the one who brought her to Mumbai to make her dream of becoming a cricketer true.

Faltu tries hearing their conversation from afar but is unable to.

Just then, Savita comes to the place and questions Rocky AKA Faltu what she is doing in the corridor when there are so many vegetables to look after.

Faltu agrees and rushes to the kitchen.

She is filled with anguish at the thought of Ayaan betraying her, still not wanting to believe Vishal’s words.

After the talk with Ajit, Ayaan is alone with the unsettling thoughts that make him scream out in frustration.

He vows to Faltu in his mind that he will make her dream of becoming a cricketer come true and with his moist eyes, he finally realizes that he loves Faltu Singh.

Just then, he gets a call from his spy who informs him that Vishal has just come to his house.

Ayaan is about to leave in order to meet the spy when he bumps into Rocky who quietly ignores him and leaves.

At the same time, Mishra ji comes to the place and greets Ayaan, telling him that he has brought him the file containing all the transactions of the company.

Ayaan thanks him and hands the file to Rocky, telling him to give it in the hands of Tanisha and hurriedly leaves to meet the spy.

Faltu waits for Mishra Ji to leave and quickly opens the file, only for it to be snatched by Tanisha.

Faltu quickly tells her that it is good that she has found her in the very place and silently leaves, still determined to find more proof against Ayaan.

Tanisha calls Kanika, telling her that she has all the documents safe with her.

Kanika asks her to make sure that the file does not get into the hands of Ayaan and ends the call. 

She then chastises Vishal for being so careless and orders him to become underground for some days till she gives him further instructions.

Vishal agrees, fearing that if he doesn’t obey, his video would get viral.

Kanika also orders two men to search for Faltu, taking careful steps to keep Faltu away from her daughter’s life.

Faltu is still unable to believe that Ayaan has betrayed her and decides to question the three girls of the academy who agreed to the controversy in the night.

On the other hand, Ayaan meets the spy and is disappointed to know that Vishal has disappeared again.

However, he is also told that Rajan has given numbers of the two boys who are friends of Faltu which is good news.

While serving the dinner, Faltu is restless as she has to go question the girls later.

The words of Vishal keep vibrating in her mind as she stares at Ayaan.

After everyone finishes dinner, Sid drinks alcohol on the main balcony of the house, sad at Tanisha trying to get close to Ayaan.

In his irritation, he breaks the glass, hurting his palm while Sumitra scolds him and rushes to bring the medicine.

Sid silently watches the road from the balcony, when he spots something unusual.

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