Faltu 17th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 17th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 17th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu taunting the evil trio of Sid, Tanisha, & Kanika and telling them that they have no proof of her stealing the files.

With a smug smile on her face, Faltu tells them to brace themselves for the day of the hearing as these files will come out just now.

However, Tanisha is about to slap Faltu when Faltu stops her hand and asks her never to repeat this mistake.

She further shocks everyone by saying that Sid had sent the goons to jail to beat up Ayaan.

Mayawati comes forward to slap Sid but Faltu prevents her from doing so, saying this way, she will only dirty her hands. 

Seeing Sid, Kanika, & Tanisha's fallen faces, Janardhan feels proud of Faltu who stands strong, telling Tanisha that with Faltu, her whole family is there.

An agitated Tanisha leaves the hall, followed by Sid and Kanika, and starts breaking things. 

Kanika gets worried for Tanisha but Tanisha doesn't stop breaking the vases while Sid holds her hand, telling her to stop her insanity.

Tanisha looks at him angrily and says that Faltu has made her insane as she wants to be the one to release Ayaan from jail.

Seeing Tanisha's pain, Kanika orders Sid to keep tabs on Faltu and gets the files from her before she goes to court.

On top of this, Tanisha also holds Sid's collar and instructs him to get the files or else, he will be no one to her.

This frustrates Sid and it is his time to break things after Kanika and Tanisha leave the room.

As he sits, he murmurs that Tanisha still cannot see that he was the one who has been with her from the beginning.

The next day, Savita & Kumkum are already ready with the prasadam of the Pooja as today Ayaan will be coming home. 

They both bless Faltu while Mayawati also comes and blesses her.

Janardhan is in a happy mood and tells Faltu to make a sizzling tea for him when Savita gives her big, gold bangles to Faltu saying she deserves them.

However, Eisha gets jealous and says that when she wanted jewelry, Savita never gave it to her.

She also rebukes Suhana and Kinshuk for operating on Faltu's command but Savita puts her on the spot, saying when she came married, she didn't want her jewelry as she found them old.

Just then, Kanika and Tanisha taunt Savita for adoring Faltu while Janardhan and Mayawati tell Tanisha if she had the same manners, she would still be the eldest daughter-in-law of this house.

Kanika also reminds Janardhan that the house to which Ayaan will be returning is Tanisha's since she is the owner.

Faltu gives a side-eye glare to Tanisha who walks past her.

Meanwhile, Ayaan comes out of the jail when one of the police officers asks him to control his anger, or else he would be pushed back behind bars anew.

Ayaan gives him a mocking smile and asks him if he has fallen in love with him.

On the other hand, Sid is seen talking to someone on the call and asking them to attack Faltu on the way.

During the car drive, a few goons stop the car in which Faltu, Janardhan, and Suhana are sitting and demand the file.

Faltu tells them that she has no file and further states that she knew Tanisha would be causing obstruction along the way.

The goons then call Tanisha who instructs them to not let Faltu go until they get the file.

A stubborn Faltu also sits on the bonnet of the car with an umbrella over her head, saying she is ready to wait if the goons are also ready to waste their time.

Meanwhile, a longing Ayaan waits for Faltu's arrival.

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