Faltu 18th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 18th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 18th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 18th February 2023 episode starts with Faltu feeling dizzy and about to collapse on the ground but Ayaan catches her.

Faltu thanks him and apologises that her feet slipped but adds that she doesn’t need his help.

She also says that a huge misunderstanding will be there if Tanisha sees them.

Ayaan tells her that he’s not fond of helping her and helps people regardless of who they are.

Faltu is glad that Ayaan believed she slipped and the secret of her fast didn’t get exposed.

After a while, the rituals for the evening prayers begin and Tanisha and Ayaan offer milk to Lord Shiva as a couple for a happily married life.

As they do so, Faltu envisions a life where she would have been there, next to Ayaan, replacing Tanisha and is shocked at herself for bringing such thoughts to her mind.

Next, all the couples begin to partake in worshipping Lord Shiva with a well lit oil lamp one by one while singing prayers beautifully.

When Tanisha and Ayaan come together to perform this ritual, Tanisha feels weakness due to her fast and her hand accidentally touches the flame of the oil lamp. 

Tanisha pulls back her hand immediately, causing the plate having the oil lamp to disbalance and Faltu rushes to catch it to prevent the auspicious lamp from falling.

Tanisha and the whole family stares at her startled as she’s the one now, standing next to Ayaan in a ritual meant for couples as the prayer continues.

When Tanisha yells, Faltu immediately hands over the plate to her and leaves the room.

The next morning, Tanisha comes along with Faltu to the living room and tells everyone that Faltu is going to the cricket academy for selection.

Tanisha tells them that if Faltu gets selected, she will have to stay there anyway and asks Ayaan to take back what he said about Faltu being a servant.

She justifies it by adding that Faltu can work for years with them and still not repay them but Faltu assures Tanisha that one day or the other, by any means, she will repay them fully.

Tanisha thinks to herself that she'd never let Faltu even become a cricketer.

Sid encourages Faltu but Ayaan insults her that to be a good cricketer, one has to be a good person.

Faltu touches the feet of all elders and as she bids them farewell and she stares at Ayaan emotionally but Ayaan just walks away, without uttering a word.

Tanisha recalls Kanika telling that once Faltu goes to the academy, she will be coached by Vishal and then, her reputation will be ruined worse than it could be in her worst nightmares.

Tanisha leaves along with Faltu to drop her while Ayaan wonders when the cause of all his problems is going away and why he is angry.

Sid and Sumitra talk about their plan failing completely now that Faltu is gone and Sid yells that he had called and told Ayaan the truth but that didn't help either.

Ayaan overhears him partially and asks him who he calles. 

Sid lies to Ayaan that he was talking about a friend who needed tips for the share market and Ayaan walks away, convinced.

Sid is worried that now, Tanisha and Ayaan’s married life will be happy and he has lost his shot with Tanisha.

At the cricket academy, Kanika greets Tanisha and  Faltu and encourages Faltu to play well in the trial matches.

Kanika instructs a handful of girls to do exactly as she told them and they assure her that they will make life hell for Faltu here.

Kanika tells Tanisha that if she gets Ayaan to the academy, it’s just a matter of one week before Faltu goes back to Ittarpur, forever humiliated completely. 

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