Faltu 19th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 19th February 2023 episode starts with Faltu lining up with other girls to meet coach Vishal.

While Faltu tries to teach another girl the proper way to do batting, coach Vishal sees her and tells her to not act oversmart.

He tells her to prove her skills by batting against his balling but the ball hits the wicket.

He insults Faltu’s batting and declares that no one in the academy should try and coach others.

He adds that 6 girls will be selected from the trials and the rest will go home.

At the cricket academy office, Kanika tells Tanisha that she has made all necessary arrangements for her and Ayaan’s honeymoon.

Kanika plots to ruin Faltu’s life in the meanwhile when Ayaan is nowhere near to help her.

Tanisha calls Ayaan to pick her up from the academy so that they can have lunch together but he refuses.

Though he has refused as he doesn’t want to interact with Faltu, he keeps this to himself.

Outside, Coach Vishal asks Faltu if she ever received any training and she tells him Ayaan Mittal taught her.

She adds there’s no better coach than Ayaan which leaves Vishal baffled.

Vishal gives her another chance to prove her batting skills since she’s so overconfident.

This time, Faltu hits the incoming ball with all her might and scores sixes after sixes.

As Kanika and Tanisha stare at her, Kanika is surprised at how well she plays and Tanisha tells her that cricket is the reason Ayaan even pays attention to her in the first place.

Though Faltu started out on the wrong foot with Vishal, he seemed impressed now.

Vishal thanks Kanika for having the opportunity to coach at the academy and praises Faltu’s spirit and game.

Meanwhile, Faltu calls her father to tell him that she got selected on the first day itself and tells him Tanisha is always there to help her out.

He warns Faltu to be careful that Tanisha doesn’t have any hidden motives.

Faltu reassures him and as she cuts the call, Tanisha comes to appreciate her and wish her luck.

Ayaan arrives at the academy to surprise Tanisha and she introduces him to Vishal but apparently, they knew each other already.

Vishal tells him that he trained Faltu really well and asks if Faltu is a special student that he made an exception teaching her.

Ayaan tells him to stay in his limits and walks away with Tanisha even though Vishal added he was just joking.

Faltu goes to her room and meets her roommates; Ria, Nidhi and Ana.

The roommates asks her to get fresh and as she heads out, they check her bag.

They proceed to begin the next step of their plan afraid that Kanika will kick them out of the academy if they fail to do so.

Ayaan arranges to trace the caller and the location of call to find out who called him the other day to claim Faltu got Married to Ayaan.

Tanisha tries stopping him but he says he need to know who is so interested in his life and for what reason.

Tanisha rushes to Sid to tell him what Ayaan is doing afraid that once he finds who called, he will find out the truth about Faltu’s wedding to him as well.

Sid is worried that the location of the call would be traced to their home and he would easily get caught.

He asks Tanisha for some time to think and wonders if he should tell Ayaan the truth himself as he remains confused about his next move.

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