Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 19th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu understanding through her friends that Ayaan is trying to meet her.

Her friends advise her to leave the Mittal house and focus on her cricket career.

Faltu tells them that she does not wish to live in the house and is waiting to confront Ayaan for the plans he has been devising against her.

She has stopped running away from the fact that Ayaan has been betraying her all along and is ready to answer him with her game.

On the other hand, Ayaan instructs the peon to prohibit anyone from coming inside.

He creates a website that supports Faltu's game, wanting to help her anonymously.

In the Mittal house, Faltu gets a call from her mother and she excitedly greets her mother and Lajjo Jiji.

She is emotional, hearing her mother's voice after so long.

Her mother encourages her to have faith in Matarani would make everything alright.

On the other hand, Ayaan engrosses himself in creating a social media page with a fake name.

The peon brings a box into his office and leaves.

Meanwhile, Tanisha desperately tries calling Ayaan, suspecting Ayaan's silence.

She then decides to visit Ayaan's office to see what he is up to, leaving the house hurriedly.

Ayaan is surprised to see Tanisha in his cabin who accuses him of not answering her calls.

Tanisha tries to peep at his laptop but Ayaan quickly spills water on his laptop, making Tanisha panic.

Ayaan reassures her to fix it later and asks why she has been calling him to which replies that she wishes to go shopping with him.

He is relieved that Tanisha didn't see anything and goes along with her.

The next day everyone gets ready to leave for the farmhouse.

Faltu does not wish to pass her time in the farmhouse and announces that she wishes to resign from the job of a cook.

Everyone is troubled to hear this and tries persuading Rocky AKA Faltu to at least come along with them to the farmhouse.

Faltu thinks that the Mittals are the ones who have given her shelter in such a big city and then agrees to accompany them.

After two hours of journey, everyone rests in front of the scenic view of the farmhouse while Faltu quickly prepares dishes for them.

Just then, Tanisha comes to the place and tells Faltu that she wants to cook for Ayaan today to surprise him.

Faltu engages in preparing the other dishes while giving space to Tanisha for her cooking.

However, Tanisha burns herself while frying a flatbread and screams out in pain.

Sid instantly comes to the place and holds her hand, mildly scolding her for doing the kitchen work when Rocky is there.

Ayaan who is talking to his spy also notices the commotion and comes to the place.

He takes Tanisha with him and applies an anti-inflammatory cream over the burn.

They all go inside the farmhouse and Faltu serves breakfast to everyone, coolly reassuring Tanisha that the kitchen work is her responsibility and she would never let them down for that matter, taking her to leave.

Ayaan follows Rocky outside but does not find him.

Suddenly, he gets a call from an unknown number.

He picks up the call and is shocked to hear Faltu talking back.

Faltu curtly tells him that she wishes to meet him today and Ayaan instantly agrees, saying that he will be leaving the farmhouse right away.

Faltu tells him that she would meet him at his farmhouse in the evening, waiting for him and cuts the call.

Ayaan is shocked to know that Faltu is aware that he is at his farmhouse but is relieved that he will be able to talk to her in the evening.

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