Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 19th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 19th May 2023 episode starts with the doctor telling Dadi to keep Janardhan from taking the stress and help him take rest. 

Meanwhile, Faltu tells Janardhan that he will have to take care of himself as he is their strength and assures him that she will put everything back as it were. 

In the meantime, Faltu gets a call from Akshay and tells him to keep tabs on the meeting and let her know if Rohan Sachdeva comes there too.

Later, Ayesha tells Faltu to stop being selfish and agree to Tanisha’s terms because her ego will destroy this house and this family. 

Later, Ayaan feels stomach pain and gets checked by a doctor at the police station. 

Just then, Faltu also comes there worried for Ayaan while the doctor tells the inspector that Ayaan has a stomach infection and it will be better if he is given home-cooked food. 

Afterwards, Ayaan asks Faltu if everything is alright at home while Faltu hesitates to burden him more by telling him about Janardhan.

Kinshuk gets angry at Ayesha for suggesting Faltu bow down to Tanisha’s wishes and tells her that he will not go anywhere with her and will remain with his family. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan tells Faltu to not think of giving in to Tanisha’s threats as her bowing down will not change Tanisha and her plans. 

He also tells her that he has complete faith in her and knows that what she is doing is right. 

In the meantime, Kanika asks Tanisha to give her the files that prove Ayaan innocent so she can burn them or it might turn up while auditing and become a problem for them. 

However, Tanisha tells her that she cannot give her the files as she has kept them in a very safe place. 

Meanwhile, Akshay who is hearing at the door moves away seeing Rohan’s manager and lawyer coming there. 

Kanika is disappointed to not see Rohan with them and asks the manager about his absence. 

Meanwhile, the manager once again reminds her that for Rohan, this deal is not something big and he only turns up for important meetings. 

After a while, Kanika signs the paper despite having doubts. 

Meanwhile, Akshay informs Faltu about Rohan not coming for deal signing while Faltu tells him to follow the manager and lawyer for they will surely go back to Rohan Sachdeva from there. 

She tells him that she is hopeful that if she will talk to Rohan, he will definitely listen to her and might help her. 

Laterm Govind apologizes to Janardhan on Sid’s behalf and tells him that he should have disciplined him in his childhood. 

He also tells him that he will not be living with Sumitra and Sid if they continue to stab them and will come with them. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha comes to meet Ayaan and tells him that she wants to celebrate the sale of JM Mart with him. 

In a sadistic tone, she tells him that she has warned Faltu so many times to get out of their lives but she did not listen and now he has to pay the price. 

She also tells him that very soon, JM Mart’s name will change as well and that Kanika has given Janardhan two weeks time to vacate the house. 

Meanwhile, Akshay tells Faltu that he has reached a bungalow while following the manager and thinks it is Rohan’s residence. 

Faltu becomes happy to hear the news and tells him to send the address and she will meet him there. 

Inside the jail, Ayaan is shocked to hear about Kanika’s notice to Janardhan. 

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