Faltu 1st February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 1st February 2023 episode starts with Faltu stepping out of the room while a nurse lies asleep on the bench outside and snores away.

Faltu realizes that someone is sleeping over there and starts moving in the direction that Pratap told her.

Faltu still cannot see anything yet so she follows her other heightened senses.

Tanisha is alone and gets a call from Sid who keeps asking her if she wants him there with her but Tanisha asks Sid not to force her and remain at home.

After hanging up the phone, Sid thinks to himself that he will go to the hospital because he has to show her and Kanika how much he cares about Tanisha and also to know the next step of Tanisha’s plan.

Meanwhile, Faltu is heading toward Ayaan’s room by tripping a few times on her way even though, she can partially see things.

In the chaos, Faltu gets badly injured and starts bleeding from her hands and starts crying.

She gets back up while Sid reaches the hospital with food for Tanisha and calls her outside.

As Tanisha leaves, Faltu reaches Ayaan’s room and looks at Ayaan who appears rather blurred to her.

Meanwhile, Mayawati is mad at Kanika when Janardhan tells her that Kanika has paid for Faltu’s surgery.

Janardhan asks everyone to relax and from now on no one will talk about this as Janardhan will shift Ayaan to some other hospital tomorrow before he can get a chance to meet Faltu. 

Back at the hospital, Faltu holds Ayaan’s hand and starts crying remembering all the good memories they both have shared with each other while a soft romantic song plays in the background.

Faltu keeps talking and apologizing to Ayaan, trying to get him to speak but Ayaan remains unconscious.

Outside the hospital, Sid tells Tanisha to eat what he has bought for her if she considers him her friend to which Tanisha says while holding his hand, that Sid always knows what Tanisha wants.

Tanisha then tightly hugs Sid and asks him to eat along with her.

After eating, Sid tells Tanisha that he is right outside in the car whenever she needs him.

Meanwhile, Faltu apologizes to Ayaan and says that she should be punished for what she did to Ayaan.

She says that she had no other option because if she didn't, it would have ruined Ayaan’s wedding with Tanisha.

Faltu says that how could she tell Ayaan that he is the one who filled Sindoor in her head but she did not know it will lead to his accident.

Ayaan slightly moves his head and fingers upon hearing Faltu’s voice but Faltu fails to notice it.

Faltu says that she is a mere village girl who Ayaan saved and is now lying on the bed because of her.

At last, Faltu says that only Ayaan owns the sindoor on her head and also her heart and starts crying again while apologizing to him.

Tanisha comes back and watches Faltu with Ayaan and gets shocked to her core.

Ayaan starts violently moving her hands and head which makes both Faltu and Tanisha speechless.

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