Faltu 1st June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 1st June 2023 episode starts with Ayaan strictly telling Faltu to stay away from Ruhaan and Shanaya or else things will get complicated.

However, Faltu convinces Ayaan by that Ruhaan has helped her to release him making Ayaan agree to meet him.

In the meantime, Sumitra gets shocked when Sid suggests she sell her jewellery and arrange the money so they can make their place in family members' hearts.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan asks his manager to give him all the updates about Mayawati and Janardhan's case and gets excited after knowing that the Mittal family needs money for the treatment.

Just then, a servant informs Ruhaan that Faltu and Ayaan have come to meet him and Ruhaan gives a devilish smile.

Ruhaan meets with Ayaan and Faltu while Faltu hesitantly asks Ruhaan for his help.

Faltu assures Ruhaan that he can give his money as a loan and they can work as an employee at JM Mart to return his money.

However, Ruhaan arrogantly thinks that it was his wish to make the Mittal family work at JM Mart as a servant but now Faltu has to do something else for him.

Ruhaan tells Faltu that he will arrange the money and leaves it there, but suddenly, he asks Faltu if she wants to meet Shanaya.

Faltu looks at Ayaan and he nods, so Faltu follows Ruhaan to meet Shanaya.

On the other hand, at the hospital, the doctor tells Govardhan to hurry with the money as Mayawati and Janardhan's condition is getting critical and they have to do the procedures as early as possible.

Since Tanisha puts her hands together and requests Govardhan to use her money for the treatment, Kishunk strictly denies to take Tanisha's money.

Just then, Sumitra arrives there and starts her melodrama while telling Govardhan that she has sold off her jewellery and arranged some money for the treatment.

Everyone gets surprised when Sumitra takes out the money and asks Govardhan to take it.

Sid asks Harshvardhan if it will be a sufficient amount after adding Sumitra's money but Harshwardhan worriedly replies as no.

Back at Ruhaan's house, Faltu surprisingly asks Ruhaan why he took her there as she can't see Shanaya in the room.

Ruhaan calmly tells Faltu that he has something important to talk about with her and Faltu gets confused when Ruhaan tells her that he will give the money to her but, in return, he wants Faltu to complete Shanaya's dream.

Since Ruhaan says that he can't make this deal in the presence of Ayaan, Faltu keeps waiting to hear Ruhaan's offer.

However, Ruhaan tells Faltu that Shanaya's dream is to see her photo in the newspaper and Shanaya's happiness is utmost for him.

As Faltu tells Ruhaan that he knows better than Shanaya's wrist is injured so she can't play cricket anywhere, Faltu gets frightened as Ruhaan tells her to play with the name 'Shanaya Sachdeva' and to destroy her dream of being a cricketer.

Meanwhile, Ayaan decides to look for Faltu as it's been a while now, and just then, Faltu rushes to him with teary ayas and asks him to leave there.

However, at the same time, Shanaya sees Faltu and excitedly hugs her while asking when she has arrived there.

As Shanaya insists on Faltu staying for some time, Faltu worriedly tells Shanaya that Mayawati and Janardhan are in the hospital and she has to go there.

Shanaya gets worried after hearing that and she calls Ruhaan while telling him to help the Faltu with the treatment.

Later, outside the Ruhaan's house, Ayaan worriedly asks Faltu about the reason behind her tears, Faltu hugs him tightly while lying that she got emotional when Ruhaan told her about the hardships of Shanaya's life.

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