Faltu 1st March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 1st March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 1st March 2023 episode starts with Ayaan roaming around to ask about Faltu's whereabouts.

The boys inform him that Faltu is not there as her video has gone viral, advising Ayaan to get home.

As soon as Ayaan leaves the spot, Faltu comes out from her hiding place and understands that Ayaan, instead of going with Tanisha to their honeymoon, is searching for Faltu.

Faltu says it is not good for him to be anxious about her.

Meanwhile, at Mittal house, Tanisha is worried about Ayaan and when she knocks on his door, she gets no response.

On the road, Ayaan tries to reach home as soon as possible as no one knows about his absence.

Everyone in the house gets worried about Ayaan and brings duplicate keys to the room but as Savita opens the door, everyone is amazed to see Ayaan sleeping with his head on the table.

He pretends to wake up from sleep while Savita almost cries in relief to see his son all right.

After everyone exits, Sid notices mud with footsteps toward Ayaan's room from the balcony.

Sumitra asks Sid not to start an investigation and focus on his own life but Sid knows that Ayaan went to meet Faltu.

Sid is determined that Ayaan loves Faltu just like he loves Tanisha AND they each should get their happiness in their own way as he decides to expose the truth through a pen drive the next day.

The next day, Faltu asks Charan to take care of himself as he returns to the village.

She asks him to lie to Ayaan that he is taking Faltu with him forever so that Ayaan does not look for her again. 

While Charan leaves, Faltu gets sad but focuses on watching a video where some mystery about Mittal house is indicated.

She thinks Vishal framed her but doesn't know why.

At Mittal house, Tanisha and Ayaan get ready to go for counseling and she notices a scratch on Ayaan's hand and goes to call Charan.

Ayaan tells him he tried to contact him, saying he needs to meet him for Faltu's good career.

However, Charan strictly tells him that he and Faltu have decided not to stay in Mumbai and are returning to Ittarpur forever.

Meanwhile, Faltu is determined to visit Mittal house to find the culprit who tried to destroy her life and career.

Tanisha drives while Ayaan informs that he is guilty of destroying Faltu's career because of his irresponsibility.

On the other hand, Faltu asks her friend to find her a place to stay near Mittal's house so that she can find the culprit.

Suddenly one of her friends, Dilip, informs her about local tournaments that not only will allow her to play but also will provide a lump sum amount if she wins.

She appreciates their efforts for making her life easy in Mumbai.

Meanwhile, Vishal asks Kanika if he will get the position of head coach as he did what was asked.

Kanika then asks Vishal to frame Ayaan Mittal as they need to name him when anyone asks them who was behind everything and who asked them to destroy Ayaan's life.

Near Ayaan's house, the workman of the house searches for a new cook for the house as Faltu hears it all, hiding at a nearby place.

She thanks God for giving her the opportunity to enter Mittal's house as a cook. 

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