Faltu 20th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 20th April 2023 episode starts with Faltu smiling at their tent named 'Aashiyaana'.

However, Ayaan tells her to wait a minute, bringing a mug filled with rice and some flowers.

He gently tells her to enter the house after she pushes the mug, explaining that this will be their shelter for now.

Faltu understands his feelings and gently pushes the mug while entering their small tent, which seems perfect for Faltu.

They are unaware that Sid has shot the video of their loving exchanges for Tanisha.

On the other hand, Kanika is alarmed to find her daughter smiling at Ayaan and Faltu's video.

She angrily tries to call Janardhan for an explanation, but Tanisha stops her from picking up the phone, telling her mother that Faltu and Ayaan living in a tent can benefit them, promising Kanika that her plan will separate them forever.

Later, Faltu is busy setting the bed when she quickly turns her back on Ayaan, who has entered wearing a vest.

She hurriedly asks him to wear something, making Ayaan beam in amusement as he pulls her close to her, saying that she will have to accept him how he is now that they have married.

Faltu gazes at his brown eyes, but tears away before she gets lost in them.

She reminds Ayaan that they must convince his family to accept their relationship first, showing how she has created a wall of pillows on the bed as well.

Ayaan finally accepts his defeat, changing the topic by informing her that Faltu's cricket practice will begin the next day.

He gently instructs her that they must work hard to have a chance to get Faltu into the Indian Cricket team while she lovingly stares at him, ready to face anything with Ayaan beside her.

The next day, Faltu gets up early when she notices Amarji scolding the chef to manage the family members' taste without a mistake.

Wanting to help, she calls out to Amarji, instructing the chef about the Mittal's taste and preferences as per her experience.

Faltu smiles at the chef as he sincerely thanks her, returning to her tent when she finds Ayaan staring at her in confusion.

He orders Faltu to get ready to jog 5 kilometres and then do her cricket practice.

Faltu dramatically explains to Ayaan that the training can tire her, but he does not budge, ordering her to be ready in the next 2 mins.

Later, they reach the area that belonged to Ayaan's friend, and Faltu starts her training with her husband as the coach.

In the Mittal house, Mayavati finds the food taste similar to when Faltu cooked for them, calling Amarji to ask about it.

In reply, Amarji tells everyone that the new chef has prepared the food while Faltu and Ayaan have left early in the morning for training.

The discussion then changes to Janardhan's current state, where Savita tells everyone how he didn't sleep last night and left for the office early.

Govardhan also tells everyone that he has been instructed to reach the office early for a discussion.

Sumitra fusses over Sid hearing this, giving him an apple and telling him to leave for helping Janardhan.

Ayaan is confused upon being called to the office as he and Faltu part ways.

He hesitantly enters the meeting room, finding everyone looking at him.

Janardhan emotionlessly slides the transfer documents of Ayaan's shares, telling him that they will be transferred to Sid now.

Kanika also mocks him by saying that Ayaan's previous operations will soon get audited to check for corruption.

Tears stream down Ayaan's eyes as he softly asks Janardhan if he doubts the same about him using the company's money.

Tanisha stands up and requests Ayaan not to feel disturbed, only for Ayaan to glare at her.

He coldly tells her to be responsible for the position given to her and  not destroy it like she destroys her relationships with others.

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