Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 20th February 2023 episode starts with one of Faltu’s roommates getting a call in the middle of the night from Kanika.

Kanika tells her to ensure they execute the plan well and record everything.

She gathers the other two roommates and they wake up Faltu to tell her that coach Vishal thinks she is egoistic and rude.

Faltu is confused that the coach had praised her game but her roommates tell Faltu that though her game might be good but her rudeness wasn’t appreciated.

They convince her to go to coach Vishal right away though it is the late in the night and Faltu rushes out immediately.

Faltu stands in front of coach Vishal’s room and knocks while her roommates spy from a corner, ready with their phones to film the whole thing.

Vishal is surprised to see Faltu at his door and welcomes her in but when she talks about wanting to apologize for coming across as rude, Vishal is furious.

He asks her angrily if this is what she came to discuss at such late hours and Faltu says that the girls advised her to do so.

Vishal yells at her that only a moron will do what others tell them to do and kicks out Faltu from his room, which Faltu’s roommate record.

The roommates scurry back to the room before Faltu and when Faltu comes, she yells at them that Vishal was so enraged.

The roommates apologize and tell her that they were only trying to do her good but Faltu worries that Vishal is for sure mad at her now, even if he wasn’t before.

Meanwhile, Ayaan wakes up Tanisha in the middle of the night and asks her why Kanika got coach Vishal to train the girls at the academy.

He tells her that Vishal will ruin Kanika’s academy as he’s a self centered and egoistic person.

The next morning, Faltu apologizes to Vishal and Vishal tells her even he is sorry since he overreacted.

Kanika sees the video the girls sent her along with Tanisha and is happy to see the video which makes it seem that Faltu went in and tried hitting on Vishal in his room and got kicked out.

On the other hand, Kanika tells everyone that Tanisha and Ayaan’s visa has been cleared and the tickets for their honeymoon to Switzerland has been booked.

But Kanika excuses herself as she gets a call from one of Faltu’s roommates and tells them to just do everything according to the plan.

Faltu’s roommates ask Faltu to cook traditional Rajasthani dish for them and even give some to Vishal.

Faltu says she will make the dish but won’t go near Vishal to give the dish after last night’s incident.

On one hand, Faltu begins to make the dish while on the other hand,  Ayaan is driving Kanika and Tanisha to the academy and on reaching the academy, Kanika convinces Ayaan to stay for coffee before he leaves.

Meanwhile, Faltu’s dish gets ready and when Coach Vishal comes in, the girls tell him that Faltu made the dish especially for him.

Ayaan overhears this as he stands on the door with Tanisha and Kanika and excuses himself, lying that he got a call from office.

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