Faltu 20th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 20th March 2023 episode starts with Faltu telling Ayaan that he does not have to go anywhere, informing him to meet at 4 PM on the backside of the farmhouse.

Ayaan is shocked to realize that Faltu is aware of his accommodation and looks around to see if Faltu is watching him, only to find Rocky going inside the house.

Later, everyone is busy having lunch when Kanika makes an important announcement, telling everyone that Tanisha will be joining her business shortly.

Sid takes this opportunity and suggests to Tanisha that she comes with him to the office to learn the basics of business.

Tanisha pulls Kanika along with her to a corner, showing her the webpage made in the name of Faltu, supporting her game and proclaiming the allegations framed against her as fake.

Govardhan and Kinshuk arrive at the place and express their opinion about Faltu being innocent.

Faltu overhears this conversation from a corner and is confused as to who has created the site to help her.

Later, she goes to serve Ayaan his 5th cup of coffee.

She tries to provoke him by saying that Faltu must be hiding something for which she has gotten removed from the academy.

However, she is mildly surprised when Ayaan tells her that she should not judge anyone without knowing the truth.

She is determined to remove Ayaan's mask and reveal his true intention and goes to get ready to meet him as Faltu Singh.

Just as she is about to change, Harshvardhan comes to the place and eyes her suspiciously, asking Rocky AKA Faltu about what she is doing in such a hurry.

Tanisha also comes to the place and asks her to answer Harshvardhan's question.

Faltu quickly gives a convincing excuse to them.

They tell her to prepare evening snacks and tea for the family outside and leave.

Faltu is frustrated, knowing that she wouldn't be able to meet Ayaan as she is supposed to cook for the family.

It is past 4 pm when Faltu calls Ayaan, telling him they cannot meet now and hurriedly cuts the call when Kinshuk yells at her, requesting to bring the snacks.

Ayaan desperately wished to meet Faltu and is irritated when she tells him that they will matter later.

However, he realizes that is Kinshuk's voice coming in the background while Faltu has been talking to him earlier.

In the courtyard, all the family members enjoy the tea and snacks prepared by Rocky.

Tanisha, though is tense due to Ayaan's absence since the afternoon and repetitively tries calling him in vain.

Just then, Ayaan comes to the place and approaches Kinshuk, asking him if he has been in the courtyard all the while.

Everyone is confused seeing Ayaan's strange behaviour and asks him if he is alright.

Ayaan gives the excuse that he has seen two suspicious men outside the farmhouse and is worried that they would come inside the house.

Janardhan reassures him, saying that the farmhouse is guarded and monitored under the CCTV camera.

However, Faltu understands why Ayaan is doing this, fearing that Ayaan knows that she is in the farmhouse.

She makes a mental note to take her next steps carefully.

Later, Kanika shows Tanisha the increasing views on the site supporting Faltu.

She expresses her fear, explaining how she has also got a call from the academy, asking her for a valid reason for removing Faltu from the academy.

Tanisha trembles in anxiety, asking her what they what would be their next move.

Kanika asks her to request Sid to help them to find Faltu so that they can take their next step.

However, Sid who accidentally overhears their conversation comes to them and assures them that he would help them.

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