Faltu 20th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 20th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 20th May 2023 episode starts with Tanisha coming to meet Ayaan to inform him about the selling of JM Mart and offer him, sweets.

Tanisha, further, tells Ayaan that Kanika has given a two-week time to Janardhan to vacate the house.

A furious Ayaan tells Tanisha that she stoops low with every action and makes him hate her more.

Tanisha faking her concern tells Ayaan that he should hate Faltu despite her since she is responsible for their miseries and not her.

Further, Tanisha tells Ayaan that she will save his house from being sold away and can give him proof of his innocence but he needs to choose her over Faltu.

Agitated by her words, Ayaan tells Tanisha to stop saying things repeatedly as Faltu has always stood by him and his family.

He tells her that even though his family did not accept Faltu ever, she is still standing as a shield for them.

On the other hand, the staff informs Ruhaan about Shanaya’s absence since the morning and gets a slap from Ruhaan.

Ruhaan requests the police officer to find his sister anyhow as he cannot live without her.

Meanwhile, Shanaya enjoys watching a cricket match and finds herself in trouble as the crowd gets involved in a physical fight.

In the meantime, Faltu along with her friends passes by and finds a girl in trouble amid the crowd.

As Shanaya is about to fall, Faltu grabs her hand and pulls her upward and asks her if she is fine.

Faltu comforts her by hugging her and asks her for her address to drop her at the house.

Shanaya hugs Faltu for helping her out and tells her about her address.

In jail, Ayaan mocks Tanisha for pretending her love for Ayaan and tells Tanisha that she will be left alone and will not even have a friend to be on her side.

Ayaan tells Tanisha that even Siddharth will leave her once he gets his means done.

Tanisha, nervous about Ayaan’s claims holds his collar and screams at him that she will not be left alone.

The police officers take her back and lock Ayaan in jail again.

On the other hand, Faltu drops Shanaya to her house realising Shanaya to be Ruhaan’s sister.

Shanaya’s caretaker takes her inside the house while Faltu requests the guards to allow her to meet Ruhaan.

Back in the jail, Tanisha’s words echo in Ayaan’s ears and he remembers Janardhan’s happiness for helping him in making JM Mart reach great success.

Meanwhile, Shanaya asks the caretaker to get Faltu inside the house and is informed about Ruhaan’s temper.

Shanaya hugs Faltu as she finds her walking inside and introduces her to her caretakers.

Faltu tells Shanaya that she wants to meet Ruhaan Sachdeva as she has something important to talk to him and only he can save her from her troubles.

She assures Faltu that she will make her meet with Ruhaan.

Further, Ayaan misses his family and his jail inmate offers his phone to call his family member.

Ayaan calls his chachu and asks about the family members and their condition.

He asks about Janardhan and hears Savita crying and gets worried.

Mayawati takes the phone in her hand and assures him about everything and asks her to not overstress.

She informs him about Faltu putting all her efforts into finding ways to get him out of jail.

Ayaan cuts the call as a police officer walks toward him.

In the meantime, Shanaya runs to Ruhaan to pacify him and hugs him.

She tells Ruhaan that she was in her room only but got fascinated after hearing cricket commentary but Ruhaan ignores her.

As Ruhaan continues to ignore Shanaya, she steps back and hurts herself and screams in pain.

Ruhaan hearing Shanaya’s pain turns back to her to help her out.

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