Faltu 21st April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 21st April 2023 episode starts with the meeting continuing even after Ayaan leaves the room.

Kanika informs Janardhan in front of everyone that all the deals and transactions in the future will only take place after Sid and Tanisha's approval.

She further taunts him by saying that even he cannot carry a deal without their approval, to which Govardhan stares at her wide-eyed.

Janardhan continues to have a grave expression on his face as he leaves the meeting room.

Sid smirks after everyone leaves, thanking Tanisha and Kanika for involving him in their plan.

On the other hand, Sumitra excitedly distributes sweets among the Mittals as she loudly announces her good news.

She tells everyone that Sid has gained responsibilities in the business, adding how Ayaan's position is transferred to him.

Savita gets disturbed hearing this, helplessly reasoning how Janardhan shouldn't be so cruel to Ayaan.

Sumitra sharply asks Savita if she should be happy that Sid is growing up in his life.

Just then, Sid comes to the place with ice creams, happily informing everyone that he will treat all the family members to dinner tonight.

Govardhan also reaches home and scolds Sid for snatching Ayaan's position.

Sumitra scowls at his comments and leaves before telling him that Sid has gained the position with his talent.

Govardhan then apologizes to Savita, saying that Janardhan is forced to take this decision due to Tanisha and Kanika's influence.

Faltu overhears this conversation and runs to the tent when she hears Ayaan coming.

Ayaan tightly embraces Faltu, telling her how hard he has worked to build the company.

He then wipes his tears and informs Faltu that this is the time they must go far away and start with a new beginning.

Faltu understands that Ayaan is going through a dilemma and gently tells him about hearing Govardhan telling the Mittal's that Janardhan is doing everything under the pressure of Tanisha and Kanika.

Ayaan tries to refuse her words, but Faltu consoles him by saying that they should try convincing Janardhan to their side.

Later, Ayaan finds Faltu munching snacks and quickly snatches them from her, telling her that she must follow a strict diet from the next day.

Faltu cheekily smiles at him, telling him why they should start their diet plan after two days, for she plans to fast on Akshaya Tritiya.

Ayaan gives a sad smile hearing that it is Akshaya Tritiya the next day, telling her about the grand puja at Mittal house at the festival.

On the other hand, Savita gets a call from Tanisha, who sweetly asks if she is sad to hear the latest news.

Savita requests her to forgive Ayaan and move forward in life, only for Tanisha to tell her that Faltu's presence in Ayaan's life will be the reason for his distress in the future.

Tanisha then changes the topic by asking her how the preparations for Akshay Tritiya are going, adding that they will be joining them for the puja too.

Savita remembers that it is Akshay Tritiya the next day, worriedly thinking about what will happen.

As she ends the call, Mayavati arrives at the place, telling Savita that all the preparations for the puja are nearly done.

She also suggests Faltu do the puja, for she is the new mistress of the Mittal house.

However, Savita requests Mayavati to give up the idea, telling her about Tanisha and Kanika joining the puja.

Meanwhile, Kanika is confused hearing Tanisha's statement, asking to reveal her true intentions.

Tanisha enigmatically smiles at her, saying that her plan will make sure that the Mittals understand that Faltu is a misfortune for them.

She calls Sumitra and instructs her to bring obstacles in the puja, which Sumitra readily accepts.

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