Faltu 21st February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 21st February 2023 episode starts with Faltu remembering the time, Ayaan put Vermillion in her head.

She takes out the Vermillion box in her hostel room and puts a bit on her forehead.

She takes a portrait of Ayaan out and feels guilty about having stolen it, but states the reason that she needs him, at least as a portrait to support her through this fight.

Three hostel girls approach Faltu to announce the news of the party.

Faltu denies attending the party and says she will rather sleep early and wake up for her cricket practice.

However they insist she not stay as the odd one out, but join the party because only her, coach Vishal has given permission for the party. 

At Ayaan's house, Savita is worried because Ayaan's portrait is missing from the photo frame, and is angry with the house worker.

However, Ayaan stops further conflict and asks Savita not to worry about a mere photo.

Meanwhile, Tanisha arrives there and watches Ayaan getting a phone call from the call tracker.

She remembers Ayaan being determined that he will trace the caller from anywhere, even if it is almost impossible to find.

After the call, Ayaan tells Tanisha that the call was made from near Mittal's residence but the number registration is fake.

Tanisha guesses the call to be made by Faltu, but Ayaan confirms that it was a male voice.

Ayaan confesses that just because of that phone call, he started suspecting others too like the other day as Ayaan heard about a call from Sid and Sumitra and almost suspected them too.

Tanisha tries to make Ayaan believe that it was just a prank call and not to worry about it.

Meanwhile, at Faltu's hostel, the girls' party with all the booze they brought.

They insist Faltu have some drink but when she denies it, they offer her cold drinks but have already added some pills to them.

Vishal takes a walk around the corridor and does not understand from where such party sounds are coming.

On the other hand, Tanisha confronts Sid to be too stupid enough not to change the phone location before making the call to Ayaan.

Tanisha is angry with him because Ayaan is almost going to trace Sid due to his carelessness.

She asks if Sid is doing all this just to get Faltu back with Ayaan.

On the other hand, Faltu drinks the cold drink offered by the girls, as they plan to frame Faltu in front of their coach Vishal. 

Sid confesses that he thought Tanisha is a good friend, but he always has to prove his sincerity in their friendship which angers Sid.

In the hostel, the girls talk about Vishal giving extra classes to Priya so that she can play in the nationals.

Faltu gets a hint of challenge, even when her head is spinning.

Tanisha apologizes to Sid and asks him to support her.

Sid clearly states that within a week, he will prove to Tanisha that he was not the one who made the call to Ayaan and also tells that only after a week, he will talk to Tanisha.

In the hostel, the girls ask Faltu to take an extra class from Vishal sir and then give them training so that all will play better than before.

However, due to the pills, her head spins and their words jumble in her head.

She denies going at such late in the night, but others insist as suddenly, Faltu falls asleep in her bed.

Meanwhile, Sumitra is pleased by Sid's acting and making Tanisha believe that he was not the one who made the call.

Sid is determined to plan his next move and call Ayaan before he gets caught.

At the hostel, Vishal asks the girls what were they doing and they all stand still, tensed and feared.

Far from home, Sid again calls Ayaan and asks him to think about how he could be stupid to think to believe Faltu's lie.

Sid, in a deep voice, tells Ayaan that Tanisha also knows about the truth of Faltu's marriage to him.

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