Faltu 21st March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 21st March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 21st March 2023 episode starts with Kanika advising Tanisha to request Sid in helping to find Faltu.

However, Sid happens to be near the place and overhears their conversation.

He comes forward and readily agrees to help them in finding Faltu, saying that he would do anything for Tanisha.

Tanisha suddenly realizes that there is a possibility that Ayaan is the one who created the page supporting Faltu.

They are tense but proceed to go downstairs and the others.

Kinshuk announces that they are going to play Antakshari but with a twist.

The condition will be that the person singing the song has to also perform on it!

Everyone is shy at first but then cheerfully participates in the game and enjoys themselves.

Faltu, though, is unable to engage herself because Ayaan's presence pains her as she remembers all the memories of the past.

Kinshuk and Harshvardhan encourage Ayaan to play his guitar and Ayaan starts to sing, bringing all his emotions out.

Sid takes this opportunity and mildly mocks him for not singing with his partner but looking at a distance as if remembering someone.

Ayaan tells him not to overthink and leaves the place.

He again tries calling Faltu and frustratedly throws the phone, not being able to contact her.

Rocky AKA Faltu comes to the place and picks the phone up, returning it to him.

Ayaan thanks Faltu and suddenly questions her if she has seen a young lady in the house.

He describes the features of Faltu and even shows a photo of Faltu, asking Rocky AKA Faltu if she has any clue.

Faltu denies having seen someone as he has been busy with the kitchen work.

Just then, Tanisha arrives at the place and curiously asks what they are talking about.

Ayaan quickly replies that they have been talking about convincing Janardhan to keep his girlfriend in the Mittal House as well.

The stay at the farmhouse finishes soon after, as Faltu comes back to her room in the Mittal house the next day, only to get a call from her friends.

They remind her about the match that will take place in the evening to which Faltu replies that she would come after she rests for some time.

However, when she turns her back, she finds Tanisha standing in front of her, slowly asking what he is murmuring.

Faltu gives a convincing excuse and Tanisha then requests that she wants a favour from her.

She requests her to stay in the Mittal house till Ayaan gets better as he seems to be in better spirits when Rocky is around.

Faltu finds this ironic but agrees as she is indebted to Ayaan's help in the past.

Later, Tanisha enters her room to find Ayaan finding something in the room.

She asks him what he is searching for and gets alarmed when she understands that Ayaan is trying to find the files which have been given by Mishra ji, wanting to check them.

She quickly replies with the reassurance that Kanika has checked the files.

Ayaan proceeds to find Kanika but finds her standing at the entrance of their room.

Kanika smiles at him and before he can ask her about the files, she tells him that she has submitted them to the office for further processing.

Ayaan is still doubtful about the whole thing but is unable to say anything as Kanika takes Tanisha with her.

Just then, he gets a call from his spy who informs him about a local match that will be held in the evening.

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