Faltu 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 22nd April 2023 episode starts with the Mittals welcoming the deity of Lakshmi Ji into their house one day before Akshay Tritiya.

Govardhan reminds everyone to be careful about the 100 lotus flowers they have brought.

Mayavati agrees with him, saying that offering 100 lotuses to the goddess in Akshay Tritiya's puja is their ancestral tradition.

Sumitra and Sid perk up as they hear Mayavati and Govardhan.

They stare at each other, a plan forming in their wicked minds.

The next day, Mayavati busily arrives downstairs early in the morning to supervise everything just like every year.

She calls out to everyone to come downstairs to help in the pooja preparations.

However, horror takes over her as she looks at the floor.

She looks at the lotus flowers lying down as if thrown by someone, all wilted and dull.

The other family members are similarly shocked to see the lotus flowers in tatters as they come downstairs.

Govardhan remorsefully tells everyone how the flowers would not be available today due to the great demand for lotus flowers in the festival.

Sumitra loudly tells everyone that their family is experiencing a lot of hurdles these days.

She then comments that Faltu's arrival must be the reason that has caused this misfortune, attempting to create doubt in everybody's mind.

Savita is angry at Sumitra for taunting her son even at a time like this but gets worried as she thinks about what will happen when the priest arrives.

Faltu and Ayaan overhear this conversation and decide to improve the situation somehow.

They understand from Mayavati that 30 flowers can still be offered, but 70 of the lotuses have wilted completely.

They leave to make inquiries at the market separately, only for all the sellers to shake their heads in negative.

Faltu desperately asks the vendor if he knows where lotus flowers are found.

The vendor looks at Faltu's desperation and slowly tells her that he has seen some lotuses growing in the pond nearby.

Faltu turns hopeful as she runs towards the pond, as directed by the vendor.

However, as she enters the pond, she overlooks the warning sign of snakes in the pond but is happy to see the pond filled with lotus flowers blooming brightly.

Entering the pond, Faltu collects the flowers in her bag, counting the lotuses as she picks them.

She remembers that the puja will begin in some time and that the lotus flowers are crucial for the offerings.

Soon, she collects 70 lotuses from the pond when she feels something slithering on her leg.

She hurriedly brushes the touch to be a stick in the pond and proceeds to get out of it.

However, she feels a sharp pain entering her body as she comes out of the pond.

She tries to walk despite the pain and manages to get inside a rickshaw, carefully gripping the lotus flowers.

In the Mittal house, Kanika and Tanisha also arrive at the puja, innocently asking why the puja hasn't started yet.

Tanisha dryly tells Savita that Faltu is the cause for such inauspicious obstacles in the puja.

Mayavati is sad as she requests the priest to do a puja for the Mittal's to remove the negative energy from their house.

Just then, Faltu comes running to the place, telling them that she has the 70 lotuses needed for the puja.

The Mittal's stare in surprise as they see Faltu with the lotuses when they couldn't find it in the whole city.

Mayavati happily takes the flowers from her, giving them to the priest who begins the puja.

Nobody notices, Faltu's pale skin as she slowly gets dizzy.

Ayaan notices Faltu's clothes are drenched and gently asks her if she is alright.

Faltu starts losing her balance when Ayaan worriedly tries to steady her, asking her if everything is alright.

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