Faltu 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 22nd February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan asking the blackmailer if he has any proof of what he is saying. 

Sid tells him that he has the proof and he is not the only one who knows this truth but Ayaan's wife, Tanisha, also knows this truth. 

He also tells him to think about why Faltu’s behaviour changed with him all of a sudden. 

Ayaan also recalls all the past behaviour of Faltu and if Tanisha knows the truth about it. 

Later, Vishal asks the girls why Faltu is fast asleep in so much noise while the girls tell him that Faltu is not used to partying and has fallen asleep due to tiredness. 

After a while, Tanisha comes to take Ayaan for dinner.

Ayaan confronts her asking her about the blackmailer’s allegations and if she knew the truth. 

However, Tanisha denies all claims and tells Ayaan to report the caller to the police. 

Afterward, Tanisha panics and is about to enter Sid’s room when Sumitra stops her, saying Sid is not well and is resting. 

However, Tanisha tells her that she will only take two minutes as the matter is urgent. 

As Tanisha enters the room she finds him lying on the bed in day clothes. 

Tanisha tells Sid about the caller who told Ayaan that she knows the truth as well. 

However, Sid assures her to not worry as his man will soon find out about his identity.

Later, Sumitra comes there, asking him when he came back while Sid ignores the question and tells her that his calls have made Ayaan suspicious and soon he will show him Faltu’s confession video, that will make him leave Tanisha. 

In the meantime, Kanika scolds the girl for not doing the task well and wasting the day. 

She threatens to ruin their career if they fail to ruin Faltu’s career before the end of camp. 

Later, Tanisha comes to Ayaan’s room and finds it empty. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan comes to Faltu’s room and takes her with him to the Mata Rani’s temple. 

Ayaan asks Faltu to tell the truth about the sindoor (vermillion) and who put it on her hairline.

He tells her to swear on Mata Rani and tell the truth because someone else has also seen them here together. 

Just then, Tanisha comes there and reminds Faltu of all the favours she has bestowed upon her from time to time. 

Tanisha also tells her that her answer will affect three lives and she will die without Ayaan. 

Faltu tells Ayaan to stop harassing her as he is not one to put Sindoor on her that night. 

Just then, Faltu wakes up with a start and wonders about her dream. 

The next day, Faltu is practicing in the field while Vishal accuses her of drinking alcohol. 

However, Faltu tells him that she never drinks alcohol and will not do anything to jeopardize her position in the academy. 

Just then, Ayaan comes to meet her but Vishal tells the peon to tell Ayaan to wait as Faltu is practicing. 

Elsewhere, the doctor is checking Tanisha before embarking upon the trip while Ayaan is not home which makes Tanisha wonder about Ayaan’s whereabouts.

Meanwhile, Ayaan gets agitated after one and a half hours of waiting and tells the peon to go and check what is taking Faltu so long. 

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