Faltu 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 22nd July 2023 episode starts with Faltu telling Charan that Ayaan has broken her heart very badly.

Ayaan realizes his mistake 

She cryingly tells Charan that Ayaan does not trust her at all while Charan angrily announces that he never thought Ayaan can be such a rude person.

Charan further says that when he got a call from Faltu, he thought there must be a small fight going on between Faltu and Ayaan but now he has seen the real character of Ayaan.

Brij watches Faltu and Charan’s interaction with wide eyes whereas Neil puts his pillow over his head as he does not want to hear the voice coming from the living room.

Meanwhile, Faltu starts sobbing, stating that Ayaan should have believed her but he chose to accuse her instead.

Charan wipes the tears from Faltu’s eyes by saying that he fully trusts Faltu and knows she cannot do anything wrong.

On the other hand, Ayaan apologetically informs the Mittal family that today Ruhan came to his office and confessed everything.

He announces that Ruhan was the one who created trouble for Faltu and that Faltu is actually innocent and has done nothing wrong.

At the same time, Savita tries to justify Ayaan’s reaction toward Faltu by saying that Ayaan just reacted after what he saw which means Ayaan is not at fault here.

However, Ayaan urges Savita not to justify his mistake again which causes Savita to close her mouth in agony.

Ayaan accepts that he has committed a mistake, saying that he is Faltu’s husband so he should have trusted her but he was the one who accused her in the first place.

As Janardhan tries to calm Ayaan down, Ayaan tells everyone that he will do everything in his power to bring Faltu back.

In the meantime, Charan gives Faltu the divorce paper which makes Faltu break down in tears and Charan suggests that he takes Faltu back to Jaipur where they can do a fresh start.

Faltu denies it because she does not want to run away from trouble and Charan orders her to return to Mittal's house with him so she can confront them about her innocence.

Charan even tries to motivate Faltu by saying that she should confront Ayaan first before moving on in her life but Faltu denies it again.

In Mittal's house, Ayaan frantically suggests that he posts Faltu’s picture on social media and begs everyone to tell him Faltu's location but Tanisha objects to this.

When Ayaan suggests he goes to the police station, Tanisha again stops by claiming that they need to focus on finding Charan first instead of Faltu.

She even announces that Ayaan needs to approach this topic calmly without any hurry while Janardhan also suggests the same thing to Ayaan.

Faltu's firm decision 

Meanwhile, Faltu makes Charan understand that Ayaan has suspected her many times before their marriage so to her it seems like Ayaan is always going to be suspicious.

Brij then calms down Faltu and Charan, advising them to discuss this sensitive topic calmly so Charan starts asking Brij how he knows Faltu.

Looking at Faltu admiringly, Brij replies that Faltu has saved his grandson's life so now she is like a goddess to them, and if Faltu wants she can come with him to meet Mittal family because he has a meeting with them the next day.

However, Faltu politely declines as she is done with always proving herself in front of Ayaan when Charan orders her to come with him.

Charan starts coughing heavily as Faltu announces that she will not run away again so Faltu rushes to bring water for him.

When Faltu arrives in the kitchen, Neil corners her, saying that he knows Faltu has brought her gang members into his house and tries to rob him, so angrily Faltu dumps the water on his head.

Neil then goes to complain to Brij about it but Brij announces that Neil is wrong as Faltu is not a criminal.

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