Faltu 22nd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 22nd June 2023 episode starts with Ruhan getting shocked as he hears the message from Tanu telling him that she has lied to Faltu about Shanaya overdosing on pills.

Just as he is done reading the message, Faltu comes there and goes to sit beside Shanaya.

Shayana wakes up and gets happy to see Faltu while Faltu scolds Ruhaan for letting it happen.

Faltu calms Shanaya as she tells Faltu that she should come and live with her.

Shanaya suggests Faltu marry Ruhaan

However, Faltu tells her that it is not her home but Shayana reasons that she can make it her home by marrying her brother Ruhaan.

Shanaya tells Faltu that Ruhaan will take better care of her than Ayaan while Faltu angrily tells her to not speak such nonsense again.

She asks Shanaya if she has gone crazy while Ruhaan and Dai ma start scolding Faltu for not thinking about Shanaya being sick.

Faltu tells Shanaya to accept that whatever they did was wrong and tells her how Ayaan is not even talking to her because of what they did.

She sheds a few tears as she tells Shanaya that they cannot be friends anymore and leaves saying that Ayaan is everything for her.

Shanaya tells Ruhaan to not let Faltu go as she cannot live without her and Ruhaan leaves after Faltu.

Tanu frames Faltu wrongly, Faltu slaps Ruhaan

Ruhaan stops Faltu by holding her elbow and tells her how can she hurt Shanaya.

Tanu, who is spying on Faltu, captures their video making it look like they are not fighting but having romance as Ruhaan corners Faltu into a wall asking her what Ayaan has that he does not and boasting about buying four more Ayaans.

However, Faltu pushes him and slaps him stating that she thought he was this way because of his sister but he is doing his wrong intentions in the excuse of his sister.

Faltu tells him to not ever touch her as she is disgusted by him and is about to leave while Ruhaan tells her that she is also like the Mittal family.

He tells her how Janardan Mittal ruined his life and how she and Ayaan are doing the same to his sister.

Faltu does not believe him and leaves while Tanu smirks thinking that Faltu has ended her own relationship.

The next morning, Tanu comes to Ayaan and tells him that Ruhaan had called her the previous night to talk about Faltu.

Ayaan gets shocked to hear it and asks Tanu more about it to which Tanu makes him hear a clip.

Hearing the voice message in which Ruhaan makes it seem like he and Faltu are having a secret affair, Ayaan is shocked but it does not work.

Ayaan sees RED!

He says that there must be something wrong when he gets a message on his own phone from an untraceable number.

The message contains the video that Tanu had taken which breaks Ayaan.

He goes downstairs feeling numb while Tanu praises the AI technology using which she created Ruhaan's audio.

Downstairs, Faltu gets excited seeing Ayaan while he asks the servant for breakfast.

Faltu brings breakfast for him while Ayaan shouts that he has said to not have the breakfast made for him by Faltu.

Faltu asks him what's wrong while Ayaan tells her to not touch her with the hands that touched Ruhaan.

Hearing this, Faltu asks him what he's talking about while Ayaan tells her about her meeting Ruhaan last night without telling him.

Faltu tells him that she left a note under his phone since he had fallen asleep and that she had gone only because Shanaya had overdosed on pills.

However, Ayaan does not believe her and leaves while Tanu is watching everything from the balcony.

Kanika comes there just then telling her to come to the court but Tanisha tells her that she cannot come to the court as she has to make Mittals believe that she is not supporting her.

Hearing this, Kanika nods and leaves.

Later, at court, the Mittals win the case and celebrate getting their company and assets back while Tanu and Sid leave ignoring the media.

Seeing Ruhaan, Ayaan's anger boils as he recalls the audio Tanu showed him.

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