Faltu 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 22nd May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 22nd May 2023 episode starts with Shanaya telling Faltu that she is very happy to meet her and asking for her contact number.

Faltu takes her leave after sharing the number with Shanaya and wishing her the best.

The Lawyer guides Faltu

As Ruhaan walks her to the door, Faltu once again requests him not to change the name of JM Mart, as her family is emotionally attached to it.

Ruhaan rudely replies to her that he can't do that.

Just then, the lawyer joins them and asks Faltu if she can get the testimony from the office staff, in favor of Ayaan as it will strengthen the case.

Faltu leaves there by saying that she will try hard for it.

Just after that, Dayima tells Ruhaan that they should keep Faltu away from Shanaya as she doesn't want an outside person to take advantage of Shanaya's situation.

Meanwhile, Kanika tells Tanisha that first she will nullify Tanisha's marriage with Sid as she is not interested in him, and then she will settle Tanisha in London.

At the same time, Sid hears the conversation while hiding behind the door and gets upset.

However, Tanisha helplessly says that she is not interested in Sid and only wants Ayaan.

Tanisha says if she will leave like this, then everyone will think that she has lost against Faltu.

However, Kanika makes her sit on the couch and tells her that she has not lost against Faltu.

It is because whenever Faltu will see that she is the reason for all the suffering of Ayaan and his family, Faltu will feel guilty.

Further, Kanika says that Sid has helped them a lot, so she is transferring some property in his name as compensation.

On the other hand, Sid decides that he will never let Tanisha leave him.

Faltu finds a clue

Elsewhere, Faltu meets her friends and tells them that Ruhaan has helped her with the lawyer for Ayaan's case.

Faltu and her friends reach the traffic signal near the court and mutter that the CCTV footage can help them to find out about the goon's attack.

Just then, the traffic police at the signal feels dizzy due to the heat and Faltu rushes to help him.

Faltu and her friends make his seat and give him the water while the traffic police thank her.

However, Faltu asks him if he can help her with the CCTV footage while explaining the reason and the traffic police agrees to help her.

While checking CCTV, Faltu notices the number plate of the goon's car and worriedly says that she has seen it somewhere, but she can't recall it now.

In the meantime, Kinshuk gets shocked as he sees Aisha leaving the house and he reminds Aisha that she decided to be with him.

However, Aisha starts arguing with Kinshuk by saying that he has chosen his family over her and his child.

Just then, Kumkum enters the room and asks if they fought again while looking at Aisha's luggage bag.

Kumkum tells Kinshuk to stop Aisha as they are already facing too many problems.

Kinshuk stays still while Aisha leaves there with her baby saying that Kinshuk doesn't want to stop her anymore.

Faltu meets Ayaan

Meanwhile, in jail, Ayaan gets upset with Faltu for not telling him that they have lost both, the house and the business.

However, Faltu calms down Ayaan by saying she doesn't want to make him tense and after that, she explains to Ayaan about her meeting with Ruhaan and Shanaya.

Since Faltu tells Ayaan that Ruhan has helped her by providing his lawyer for Ayaan's case, Ayaan gets worried and suspicious.

As Faltu tells him not to overthink it, Ayaan feels sad as Faltu has to fight alone and calls her a 'superwoman'.

Just then, Faltu tells Ayaan about the number plate of the goon's car and asks if he can recall anything related to it.

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