Faltu 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 23rd February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan again coming to Faltu as she asks why has he come.

Ayaan calls Charan who was waiting outside the door.

Faltu takes Charan's blessings as Ayaan asks him to confront Faltu about the truth of Vermillion on her.

Meanwhile, Tanisha gets this news from Kanika and both of them are tense if everyone gets to know that Faltu is the wife of Ayaan.

In the academy, Faltu asks Charan to calm down and finally tells that the night when she was running from Pappi, she had put Vermillion on her forehead so that if Pappi asks, she can tell him she is already married.

Faltu directly tells that Ayaan has nothing to do with the vermillion.

Suddenly Kanika and Tanisha come and Tanisha asks Ayaan to believe Faltu as she was in the situation and not them.

Faltu is very angry because Ayaan brought Charan and asks Tanisha to take him home safely.

Faltu again asks him to believe her and goes for her practice.

Ayaan apologizes to Charan as he still doesn't believe the story Faltu has made up.

He asks him to still try asking about the truth from Faltu.

While Ayaan drives home, he rethinks Faltu's words while Tanisha asks Ayaan to believe Faltu's words and also ignores the phone call.

Tanisha demands Ayaan focus on their honeymoon packing as they are leaving the next day.

She gets irritated because he is continuously thinking about Faltu.

Ayaan confesses that he does not want to think about Faltu but he is tense if unknowingly he has done any damage to Faltu's life.

Tanisha tells him that she knows Ayaan only loves her and not Faltu.

After practice, Faltu comes to Charan but he is still in a serious mood about before.

He decides to stay with Faltu till her practice gets over for the season.

Faltu finally asks Charan to be careful and take care of his health.

In the field, Faltu is seen to be practicing with full energy and concentration.

After she warms up under the guidance of coach Vishal, she starts practicing cricket.

Vishal holds her from behind to teach her the grip and position of the cricket bat.

However, taking advantage of the situation, three of Faltu's hostel girls sneakily take pictures of them to take revenge later.

Meanwhile, Tanisha cannot stay calm and focused on packing because she knows Ayaan will continuously think about Faltu and ruin their honeymoon.

Kanika tells her to stay relaxed as she will take care of Faltu, in a different way, so that Tanisha can concentrate on her honeymoon.

Tanisha still tensed, tells her about Ayaan's words in the car and she is now tensed because if the truth gets spilled to Ayaan, then his and Tanisha's marital life will get destroyed.

However, Kanika calms her by assuring her that after getting news about Faltu, Ayaan will hate Faltu and will stop thinking about her.

Tanisha, relieved, asks Ayaan about his packing and they both pack together but behind, Sid angrily keeps a watch on them.

On the other hand, Faltu's legs are tired and sore as she soaks them in lukewarm water.

Her roommates ask about her well-being, pretending to be her well-wisher.

Faltu is tense about her health but also denies their advice to ask Vishal sir for medicines.

She then goes out as she thinks about Charan's quest for the truth of the Vermillion on her.

Vishal asks if she is fine and she does not share her thoughts with him.

Vishal questions if she is in a tense condition just because of Ayaan, which shocks Faltu because he might have guessed it right.

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