Faltu 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 23rd March 2023 episode starts with Faltu telling his friends to quickly come as she has to be home soon. 

Just then, her friends introduce her to Ayaan disguised as Sardar Ji and she recognizes him from the field and thanks him for telling about the shot. 

Meanwhile, Sid watches the interaction and wonders how Faltu knows him. 

Ayaan tells Faltu that he has created social media page to prove her innocence because he likes her game a lot and does not believe that she can betray her coach in any way. 

He also asks her to give him an interview that will go a long way in clearing her name and he will make sure that no other player has to suffer through this same problem. 

Ayaan gives his number to Faltu and tells her to not ignore his call while Sid follows Faltu’s auto as she goes out. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha makes a video call to check up on Ayaan and is relieved to see him in a car. 

On the other hand, Sid stands outside the ladies' toilet waiting for Faltu to come out and is shocked to see Rocky coming out from there. 

After a while, Sid realizes how Faltu is fooling them all by living with them as Rocky. 

Sid becomes happy to finally get an opportunity to create problems between Tanisha and Ayaan and tells her how Ayaan is betraying her under their nose. 

Tanu and Kanika scare Sumitra as she comes out of Sid's room while Sumitra asks her what are they doing here. 

Tanisha tells her that she has some work with Sid while Sumitra tells her that Sid has fallen asleep as he was very tired. 

Later, Ayaan confronts Rocky with Rocky’s hair string.

Meanwhile, Sumitra comes back to Sid’s room asking her why is he not telling them about Rocky being Faltu. 

Sid tells her that he does not want to miss this opportunity by only revealing Faltu’s truth but he wants to show Tanu how Ayaan is betraying her by keeping Faltu under her nose and romancing her as well.

He explains his plan to Sumitra and tells her to go while he makes arrangements for tomorrow. 

On the other hand, Ayaan is asking Rocky to explain the presence of this string while Rocky tells him that it must have fallen from some cloth.

However, Ayaan tells him that this belongs to Faltu and Faltu never came into this room. 

In the meantime, Sid sees Tanu sleeping alone and goes to find Ayaan in Faltu’s room. 

At the same time, Rocky denies knowing Faltu and asks him why is he so much involved with Faltu and why his name is always attached to his name. 

However, Ayaan ignores his questions and tells him that he will call Faltu and ask her what her thread is doing there. 

Rocky gets worried about her phone ringing in Ayaan’s presence and snatches his phone, telling him to go to his room to make calls as he needs sleep.

Ayaan gets irritated and asks Rocky to return the phone at once but Rocky drops the phone pretending to be scared while Ayaan gets angry at the phone damage and walks past him in anger. 

Sid captures this moment to show it to others to prove that Ayaan is having clandestine meetings with Faltu. 

The next morning, Kanika watches IPL on her phone when JP comes along with Tanisha and Ayaan. 

After a while, Tanisha asks Sumitra about Sid, and Sumitra tells her that he is not able to meet anyone’s eyes. 

Ayaan looks curious and asks Sumitra if Sid has any problem in the office. 

However, Sumitra tells him that she still cannot believe that they have been duped in their own home. 

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