Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 23rd May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 23rd May 2023 episode starts with Faltu insisting on Ayaan to recall the car number while saying that the car driver can take them to the files.

As Ayaan doubts that Kanika must have destroyed those files by now, Faltu thinks maybe she has kept them to use afterward.

Ayaan recalls the number-plate

Just then, Ayaan recalls remembers the car number and asks Faltu to meet Brijbhushan.

Ayaan tells Faltu that the car belongs to Tanisha's grandfather and Brijbhushan is the driver.

Further Ayaan says that he has helped Brijbhushan with giving money for his son's studies and wife's treatment so maybe he will help Faltu.

Later, Faltu reaches Brijbhushan's house but gets disappointed after noticing the lock on the door.

As she asks in the neighborhood, the neighbor tells Faltu that Brijbhushan went to his village two days back.

Faltu gets emotional and prays to Mata Rani that she can test her as much as she wants but, she shouldn't drag Ayaan and his family into it.

Shanaya gets a panic attack

Meanwhile, Shanaya gets angry with the physiotherapist as she gets unbearable pain during the therapy.

The doctor tells Dayima that she won't tolerate everyday tantrums of Shanaya and leaves the room.

Suddenly, Shanaya gets a panic attack and Dayima tries to calm down her but Shanaya keeps saying that she doesn't want to live anymore.

Dayima calls Ruhan and informs him about the panic attack.

Meanwhile, in Ruhaan's office, as Ruhaan hurries to go home, Ruhaan's manager reminds him that he is having a meeting with Janardhan.

Ruhaan mutters that it's a most awaited meeting while telling his manager to get Faltu's number from the lawyer.

On the other hand, Faltu enters the house and sees Aisha leaving for her father's home.

Faltu worriedly asks Kinshuk if he is not going with her and Kanika taunts Faltu that Kinshuk favours Faltu more than his wife and baby.

As Faltu tries to stop Aisha, Savita comes and says that if Aisha wants to leave the house then they should let her leave.

Savita gets furious and taunts Aisha for leaving the family when they need each other's support.

Mayavati tries to calm down Savita but she keeps praising Faltu over Aisha and tears roll down from Aisha's eyes.

Harshvardhan tries to stop Aisha by showing the photos of the new house but Aisha says that she doesn't have any problem with the new house.

She is upset because Kinshuk told her to leave the house very easily.

Further, Aisha says if Savita also wants her to leave then she will go to her parent's place for some time.

Soon after that, Janardhan walks downstairs and tells Faltu that Ruhaan called him for having a meeting in private.

As Janardhan leaves for the meeting, Govardhan asks everyone to start packing as they don't have much time.

Govardhan blames Sid

Govardhan tells Mayavati that he will be going with them as they need him more than Sid and Sumitra.

Later, when Govardhan is busy packing, Sid comes there and requests Govardhan not to leave his side as he needs his support.

However, Govardhan blames Sid for his previous actions by saying that Sumitra has poisoned his heart with hatred against his family.

As Sid gets helpless and starts crying and hugs Govardhan to stop him, Govardhan tells Sid to stop crying and do whatever he wants like he always did.

In JM Mart's office, Janardhan gets emotional after seeing Ruhaan's name plate on the desk when the peon gets tea for him and asks him to wait for Ruhaan.

Meanwhile, Faltu enters Ruhaan's house and rushes to Shanaya's room when Dayima tries to stop her.

Dayima gets surprised when Faltu tells Dayima that Ruhaan called her to look after Shanaya as she got a panic attack again.

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