Faltu 24th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 24th April 2023 episode starts with Faltu's right eye twitching in the morning.

Ayaan gently tells her that she is still recovering from the snakebite and advises her to rest after their training.

Faltu reasons his statement that the training should be resumed after she gets well, but Ayaan reminds her of the state trials.

Understanding that the training will only benefit her, Faltu smiles at him as they leave for their training.

Ayaan tells her a new way of batting, which Faltu diligently follows, swinging the bat as he instructs her.

After some time, Ayaan tells her they should stop today as he is also supposed to go for an interview.

Meanwhile, the Mittals leave for the ashram for a shanti puja, leaving Ayesha at the home to rest.

Ayesha rests on the couch, requesting Amarji to get her pineapple juice but as she drinks it, her belly suddenly starts paining.

She feels uncomfortable as the pain continues to grow and she screams out.

On the other hand, Faltu is confused to hear Ayesha screaming out in pain and rushes inside the Mittal house.

She looks at Ayesha and notices her intense pain and quickly requests Amarji to arrange a car for the hospital.

Faltu tries to console Ayesha about the pain subsiding as they reach the car to go to the hospital.

Before leaving, Faltu requests Amarji to tell everyone about them going to the hospital.

Later, the nurse helps Faltu to get Ayesha into the OT to get treated.

When the doctor checks Ayesha's condition, he informs her about conducting a C-section for the baby's delivery.

This makes Ayesha panic as she loudly shouts Faltu's name as the doctor quietly requests the nurse to bring the person with Ayesha inside the OT.

The nurse makes Faltu sign the bond for a C-section, telling her that they do not have much time to wait for the patient's husband.

Faltu hesitantly enters the OT to see Ayesha sweating from the pain and rushes to hold her hand for some calm.

She prays that Ayesha safely delivers the baby and for that, she tries to divert Ayesha's attention from the pain.

The doctor observes Faltu calming Ayesha as she injects her with the sedatives and fortunately, the delivery gets completed as Faltu hears the crying voice of the baby.

The doctor smiles at them, telling Faltu that it is a boy and she holds the small creature in her hands, gazing at the baby with affection.

She tells Ayesha that the baby is beautiful, just like her while Ayesha gives her a weak smile as she hugs the baby.

Faltu goes outside, praying to the Ganesha deity at the hospital for saving Ayesha and her child as tears of happiness flow out of her eyes.

Ayaan hurriedly reaches the room where Ayesha is being operated on, only to find Faltu weeping and assumes that the baby is in danger.

Tears stream out of his eyes as he hugs Faltu, telling her that everything will be alright.

However, Faltu clarifies to him that Ayesha has delivered a healthy baby boy, feeling amused at Ayaan's crying.

Just then, the Mittal family also arrives at the place and rushes to see the baby boy in excitement.

Savita stares at Faltu before joining the others as if thanking her for everything.

In the evening, the atmosphere in the Mittal house is filled with happiness as they promise their relatives to hold a grand party.

Meanwhile, Ayaan quietly hears Faltu describing the baby boy's little features and reminds her not to get too close to the boy, for the Mittals will start taunting her if she plays with Ayesha's child.

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