Faltu 24th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 24th February 2023 episode starts with Faltu telling Vishal that she feels lost in her life with the play of fate always hurting her.

Vishal tells Faltu that she needs to think from her brain sometimes as the decision taken from one's brain is more effective to save the lives of our loved ones.

Faltu understands Vishal's point but refuses to tell anything about Ayaan as it is her personal life.

As Faltu starts to walk away, she groans in pain while holding her neck which Vishal notices and asks Faltu about the pain.

Faltu says that she went to the medical room for medicines but they were already closed so she will take them the next day.

Vishal says that he has some medicines and asks Faltu to follow him so that he can help her in finding a solution for the pain.

After Faltu comes to Vishal's room, Vishal asks Faltu to tell him about her neck and shoulder pain and asks her to move her neck sideways to show him the intensity of the pain.

Faltu groans loudly as it hurts to move her neck sideways seeing which, Vishal confirms that Faltu's whole shoulder and neck have stiffened and it needs some good massage.

Vishal offers to give a massage to Faltu but she refuses as she does not want to get treated by Vishal in that way.

However, Vishal assures Faltu that he is good at the technique and can erase her pain in two minutes which finally convinces Faltu to sit for the massage.

Vishal presses on Faltu's shoulders and rotates her neck in circular motions while she sits quietly while closes her eyes.

Meanwhile, Sid and Sumitra talk about Tanisha and Ayaan's honeymoon and Sid decides to release Faltu's confession video to stop them from leaving for Switzerland.

Kanika gives the video to the reporters and asks them to telecast it as a major scandal.

The next day, Ayaan and Tanisha leave for their honeymoon after taking blessings from all the family members when Kanika also comes to see off her daughter.

Kanika asks Tanisha to keep Ayaan away from his phone as she is already on her move to destroy Faltu.

The girls in the academy get notifications about the news on their phones while Faltu remains clueless.

Faltu's roommates ask her how characterless she is that she is trying to seduce her coach to get a position in the team.

Faltu gets shocked to see the news on someone's phone and denies doing anything like that but the board members along with Kanika ask her to come to their cabin.

Denying the accusations, Faltu says that she went to Vishal's room after her roommates asked her but they deny saying anything like that.

Kaniks says that Faltu has to leave the academy but Faltu pleads for her innocence and says Vishal will prove it.

Vishal comes and Faltu asks him to tell the truth about the video after which Vishal says that the accusations against Faltu are absolutely correct.

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