Faltu 24th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 24th June 2023 episode starts with the media and National Cricket Association coming over to the Mittal residence and leaving the family members surprised and confused.

Janardhan asks them what they want from them and why they have come there to which a representative replies from the Cricket Association.

He says that they cannot ignore the incident that took place at the centre the previous day as a reputed organization that shows dreams to many girls of them becoming a cricketer one day.

Janardhan says that those things are irrelevant as Daltu had been cleared of all the accusations from the earlier incident and the matter has been wrapped up.

The representative hands over an envelope to Faltu which she opens and sees a letter inside but passes it to Kinshuk as she cannot understand what is written in English.

Kinshuk gets silent on seeing the letter while Ayaan takes the letter from his hands and reads out that the Cricket Association has decided to ban Faltu from playing cricket for an indefinite period.

Faltu and the others get shocked to hear such a piece of news while Savita and Mayawati ask the association why they are deciding something like that out of nowhere.

Ayaan says that the incident of Faltu switching with Shanaya has a witness who saw everything and the witness is Ayaan himself.

As Ayaan announces that he is the one who told the truth to the higher-ups and asks Faltu to make her choice between him and her dream of cricket, Faltu says that she will leave cricket if that is what Ayaan wants.

Faltu turns to the media and tells them that she played as Shanaya in practice but never in any official match for which she admits her mistake in the case.

Shanaya watches Faltu talking about Ruhaan threatening her to hurt her family which makes Shanaya faint, making Ruhaan angrier toward Faltu.

After the press leaves, the family members tell Ayaan that he did not do the right thing but Ayaan leaves from there silently.

Tanisha adds fuel to the fire by asking Faltu how she would live without her dream after which Faltu also walks out of the room.

Meanwhile, the doctor says that Shanaya's condition is not that good and suggests a rehab centre in Nainital where Ruhaan decides to shift Shanaya and Daima.

Faltu comes to Ayaan and asks him why he did such a thing toward her while Ayaan says that he only told what the truth was.

Faltu says that she thought that at least, Ayaan would understand her but she was wrong and could not notice how Ayaan's love turned into hate.

Ayaan says that his head is going crazy and drags Faltu out of the room as he does not want to see her and get reminded of her betrayal.

Later, Faltu decides that she should die as she has no purpose to live anymore and jumps off the balcony, committing suicide.

However, the scene appears to be Ayaan's dream making him wake up in panic and he comes running to Faltu to check on her.

At the same time, Ruhaan comes to meet Tanisha in an isolated place and asks her why she wanted to meet him.

Faltu asks Ayaan what the matter is while Ayaan holds her hands gently but no words come out of his mouth.

Ayaan walks out of the room silently while Faltu is left confused, wondering why Ayaan came to see her suddenly.

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