Faltu 24th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 24th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 24th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu firmly telling Dayima that she is not the person who gets friends with rich girls to take advantage.

Faltu says that she has come there, despite her important task, just because of humanity.

Soon after that, Faltu enters Shanaya's room when Shanaya complains to Faltu that no one understands her.

She hugs Faltu when Faltu tries to make her understand that everyone loves her.

Shanaya gets irritated while saying that their overcare always burdens her as they keep trying to make her happy rather than understanding her problems.

Faltu wipes Shanaya's tears when Shanaya explains to Faltu what she frequently dreamt of, standing in a room covered with a cricketer's photo and her father gifting her a bat.

However, Shanaya won't be able to hold the bat as her hands pass through the bat.

Suddenly the room catches fire and Faltu tries to calm down Shanaya while saying if she wants to achieve her dream, then she has to work hard.

Shanaya gets alert when Faltu starts explaining her story to motivate Shanaya.

Faltu tells Shanaya about her story from the beginning, her aunt's opposition to playing cricket, then her dis-reputing viral videos, taunts of the village people for playing cricket, and finally, when she lost her vision.

Shanaya gets emotional after knowing Faltu's struggle but Faltu motivates Shanaya to practice hard until she achieves her dream.

Just then, Faltu and Shanaya notice Ruhaan, and Shanaya rushes to him while saying that now, she will work hard to achieve her dream.

Soon after that, Shanaya leaves to see the arrangements for lunch when Faltu asks Ruhaan if the meeting is over.

As Ruhaan replies that he has not met Janardhan yet, Faltu tells Ruhaan to be careful with Janardhan as his health is not good.

Since Faltu says that Janardhan is a good person, Ruhaan gets furious and says that he doesn't need Faltu's advice for treating cheaters.

However, Faltu gets angry and warns Ruhaan that neither Janardhan nor Ayaan are cheaters and leaves the house while saying that she has important tasks to complete.

Later, in Ruhaan's cabin, Janardhan tells Peon that it's time for his medicines so he is leaving for home.

As Janardhan says that Ruhaan can meet him at his home, Ruhaan enters the cabin while taunting that he heard, Mittal's house is getting auctioned.

Ruhaan rudely takes his sit while muttering that he still remembers the time when his father lived a horrible life under Janardhan's pressure.

Janardhan warns Ruhaan as he starts blaming Janardhan that he has achieved success by destroying other people's lives.

When Janardhan asks Ruhaan if he knows him too well to blame him, Ruhaan replies that he knows him for a long time.

However, Janardhan tries to leave the cabin, as he feels like Ruhaan has called him, just to insult him.

Meanwhile, at the office gate, Faltu tells Akshay that she has come there to look after Janardhan as he is still sick.

In Ruhaan's cabin, Janardhan gets shocked when Ruhaan tells him that according to the deal, they can't start a competitive business against Ruhaan.

Just then, peon informs Ruhaan that Faltu wants to meet him and Ruhaan calls her inside.

Since Faltu asks Ruhaan for help to get the testimony of the office staff in Ayaan's favour, Ruhaan agrees.

He says it is compensation for Faltu helping Shanaya.

Faltu thanks Ruhaan and leaves with Janardhan after which Ruhaan mutters that he wants to destroy Janardhan but he is in debt of Faltu.

However, Ruhaan vows that, sooner or later, he will take his revenge against Janardhan for sure.

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