Faltu 25th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th April 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th April 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 25th April 2023 episode starts with Faltu worriedly telling Ayaan that they are out of kerosene.

As Ayaan leaves outside to bring some oil, Mayavati enters their tent, telling them how she will arrange food for them as she gives sweets to them.

Ayaan hesitates to accept food from the Mittals, thinking that he will be indebted to Mittals like this.

However, Faltu gently holds his hand, signalling him to stay calm as Mayavati wants to help them.

She gives her a warm smile, accepting Mayavati's help.

However, Faltu is surprised to hear Govardhan shouting Sumitra's name and runs to peek into the Mittal house.

Meanwhile, Savita is dumbstruck when she sees Sid and Tanisha standing at the entrance as newly wedded couples.

Govardhan arrives at the place and turns furious as he shouts Sumitra's name.

Sumitra though arrives with a puja thali as she welcomes the newly wedded couples with a lamp.

She deliberately flicks her hair in front of Savita, sweetly smiling while anointing Sid and Tanisha with vermillion.

Everyone arrives at the entrance hearing Govardhan's shouting, shocked to see Tanisha and Sid.

Mayavati is also similarly bewildered, asking everyone what is going on.

On the other hand, Faltu is more than surprised to see Sid and Tanisha but understands that they must have some ulterior motives for doing this.

Kanika also arrives at the place and reminds Savita that her daughter has moved on from Ayaan.

Govardhan snaps at Sumitra for taking such a big decision without asking the elders of the family.

However, Sumitra argues with everyone, pointing out that Ayaan also married Faltu on the very day he divorced Tanisha.

She tells everyone how her son has loved Tanisha all along while Ayaan never loved her.

Tanisha notices Ayaan and Faltu observing everything outside and quickly requests everyone not to quarrel because of her.

Sid also agrees with her statement, telling everyone that he never wanted to come between Ayaan and Tanisha, but he cannot see Tanisha like this when Ayaan shows no affection towards her.

Mayavati orders Govardhan to call Janardhan to decide whether Tanisha will enter the house.

Kanika curtly reminds Mayavati that Janardhan will never disagree with her as she calls Janardhan before chastising Govardhan and Harshvardhan for being dependent on Janardhan.

Ayaan urges Faltu not to intrude on the matters of the Mittal family, but Faltu tells him that the Mittals are their family.

Tanisha loudly suggests that along with her, Ayaan and Faltu should also enter the Mittal house and begin anew.

As Janardhan picks up Kanika's call, she tells him about Sid and Tanisha's wedding, to which Janardhan exclaims his shock.

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