Faltu 25th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 25th July 2023 episode starts with Brij telling Charan the answer to his decision regarding Faltu. 

Charan-Brij make a deal

He reveals how he is looking for staff who is trustable and Faltu smiles hearing Brij say that he is grateful for her. 

He tells Faltu and Charan that it would be an honor to have Faltu as his employee while Neil argues. 

He says that he has saved Faltu and Charan which makes them even while Brij tells him that even God is trying to unite them since it was he who arrived at their location. 

Charan accepts Brij's proposal and Faltu takes his blessings while Neel leaves from there getting angry. 

Back at the Mittal house, Tanu is worrying since Charan is not picking up her calls while Sumitra comes there and tauntingly asks her if she knows about Sid. 

Tanu calms her while reciting Sid's hotel name and what he had for lunch stating that just because she is worried about her family does not mean she doesn't care about Sid. 

Tanu doubts Ruhaan

Sumitra leaves making an excuse while Tanu gets a call from the police station informing her that Faltu and her Father were stopped near the railway road as some goons were harassing them. 

She asks them if they caught him but the inspector refuses while Tanu sends him a picture of Ruhaan and asks if it was this man who saved Faltu. 

The police officer checks the image and informs Tanu that it is not him. 

Elsewhere, Faltu holds the divorce papers in her hands as she cries stating that she never thought she would be holding these in her hands from him. 

She states that even though he has hurt her, she cannot even think about hating him. 

Ayaan is feeling guilty as he holds Faltu's picture and asks her if she can forgive him for the mistake he has done. 

The next morning, Charan is talking to Brij as he requests to call Faltu since he will leave today. 

Gyan goes to get Faltu while Brij asks Charan if Faltu would like to do cricket on weekends since she had said that it was her dream. 

Faltu goes missing? 

Charan signs saying that it is impossible and tells him the whole story as of how Faltu got banned from the cricket academy. 

Brij says that he will see if he can use his connections to help Faltu while Gyan comes there and informs them that Faltu is not in the house. 

Neil is trying to escape from there but Brij stops him while he lies that he went jogging. 

Brij says that Faltu must have gone jogging since she is a sportsman. 

Neil mocks her while Charan tells him to watch her videos on the internet as she would have been in the Indian Cricket Team if fate was with her. 

On the other hand, Janardan is having tea on his balcony worrying about his meeting with Brij when he sees someone tempering with the mailbox. 

He shouts for security while the girl tries to leave but her dupatta gets stuck on a nail. 

Janardan gets shocked to see Faltu and shouts for security while rushing downstairs to go after her. 

He tells the family that Faltu is outside and they all go outside to stop Faltu. 

Faltu signs divorce papers

However, Faltu has escaped by then while Ayaan finds the divorce papers and tells them that Faltu has signed them. 

Tanu instigates him saying that Faltu doesn't even want to look at his face making him think that Faltu is never going to forgive him. 

Meanwhile, Faltu returns to Brij's house and informs them that she had gone to the Mittal family to deliver the divorce papers. 

Charan scolds him while Faltu tells him that she did not go there to talk but to deliver the papers only while thinking that Ayaan can finally get rid of her. 

At the same time, Neil tells Brij that they should not interfere in their personal matter and tells him to get ready for the meeting. 

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