Faltu 25th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 25th March 2023 episode starts with Ayaan confessing to Faltu that he already knows everything so why will he take revenge on Faltu?

He says that he loves her as the present shifts to a few moments back.

Ayaan says that he knows the truth that he had put Vermillion on her.

Faltu tries to talk but he holds her mouth as he asks why she sacrifices and has hidden the truth from him intentionally.

Faltu says that he did it by mistake and so their marriage has no value.

However, Ayaan tries to prove his point when suddenly, he says that he loves her.

Meanwhile, Janardhan is angry about why Faltu and Ayaan are talking for so much time.

Siddharth says that they are planning something to escape the current situation as Kumkum is asked to bring water for Janardhan.

On the other hand, Sumitra informs Tanisha that Ayaan and Faltu love each other and she is just a bone between the meat.

Kanika gets very angry as Sumitra says that Ayaan came back from his honeymoon because of Faltu.

Sumitra asks Tanisha to accept that Ayaan loves Faltu and not her.

Meanwhile, Ayaan confesses he loves Faltu and cannot live without her, stating that Tanisha is his friend too and he feels bad for her.

Faltu says if he loves her then he shouldn't have destroyed her career as she explains to him how all the evidence is against Ayaan.

Ayaan hears everything and understands that Kanika has trapped him somehow but Faltu regrets having believed in Ayaan throughout and now it hurts to get betrayed.

In the room, Sumitra asks who is behind Faltu's destruction to which Tanisha says to Kanika that Faltu might have known that they are behind everything.

Sumitra gets to know the truth as she says that Ayaan won't leave them while Ayaan promises Faltu that he won't meet her until he finds out who is behind everything.

At the Mittal house, Janardhan gets angry because Ayaan and Faltu have been talking together for a long time.

Sid goes to check on them as Janardhan says that he had warned Tanisha not to let Faltu stay inside the house.

Meanwhile, Sid sees Faltu alone and Ayaan nowhere near.

He asks Faltu why they needed to talk outside of the house as this is creating chaos inside the house.

Faltu clarifies that Ayaan shouldn't be blamed for things he might not have done.

Sid says that even if Faltu is angry with Ayaan, she cannot hear bad talk about him which proves how much she loves him.

Faltu says that Ayaan is a teacher to her and Sid says that he is also her husband.

Sid confronts that he has seen Faltu's confession video and knows the truth.

He intentionally blames Tanisha along with himself as he says that Ayaan was also involved in making the confession video by drugging her so that they get to know the truth.

Faltu says that Ayaan has destroyed her career but Sid says Ayaan cannot harm her as he loves her.

Sid asks Faltu to accept the truth so that everyone's life is saved.

Sid tells everything he heard as he informs Ayaan to find evidence to prove himself innocent.

Later, he asks Tanisha to accept the truth that Ayaan loves Faltu while Kanika gets a call from the office and is informed that Ayaan got hold of the file as she feels her entire being tremble.

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