Faltu 25th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 25th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 25th May 2023 episode starts with Faltu and Janardhan meeting Ayaan in jail, with the lawyer.

Faltu excitingly tells Ayaan that the office staff has given a testimonial in favor of him when the lawyer asks Ayaan to sign some papers.

The lawyers tells that the testimonial may help them to get some more time, but for release, they need strong evidence and he leaves there.

However, Faltu gets emotional after hearing that and runs outside while saying that she won't show up again until she finds the evidence.

At Mittal's house, Kanika tells Tanisha that they are heading to London, the next day of the auction, and says that she has signed some blank cheques for Sid.

Since Tanisha directly asks Kanika if she can give the files to Ayaan, Kanika gets angry by saying that it will ruin their plan.

Kanika asks Tanisha about those files while Tanisha replies that the files are safe with Brijbhushan but she can't give her other details as she doesn't trust her.

Just then, Sid arrives there and Kanisha gives him black cheques, saying that he will need money to start a new business.

When Sid asks if they are leaving somewhere, Tanisha replies that she is going to London with Kanika while leaving there.

However, Sid tries to stop Tanisha by showing her the photo frame of their wedding and asks her to change her decision as no one can love her more than him.

As Sid holds Tanisha's hand and starts crying while requesting her to stop, Tanisha tries to comfort him by saying that they are good friends and she will be in touch with him.

However, Sid burst into tears after Tanisha leaves.

Soon after that, Faltu and Janardhan enter the house and Faltu gets surprised by seeing Shanaya there.

Shanaya rushes to Faltu and hugs her while everyone gets shocked when Faltu introduces Shanaya as Ruhaan's younger sister.

Tanisha gets surprised after hearing that and walks to Kanika's room while muttering when Faltu got friends with Ruhaan's sister.

Shanaya tells Faltu that she started feeling low and came here to meet her.

Mayavati calls Faltu and asks what's going on and Faltu tells her that she will explain to them, once she makes Shanaya to return her house.

Soon after that, Kanika gets tensed when someone calls her to inform her that Ruhaan has allowed his staff to give a testimonial in Ayaan's favour.

Just then, Tanisha hears this and tells Kanika that Ruhaan's sister has come to meet Faltu.

Kanika gets irate and warns Tanisha to destroy the files or else they will end up in jail which puts Tanisha in a dilemma.

Meanwhile, as Shanaya is craving noodles, Faltu cooks noodles when Dayima asks Faltu to stop her fake sympathy.

Faltu firmly tells Dayima that she doing all this for the sake of humanity and if she has any problem with that then she can take Shanaya back home.

At the same time, Shanaya comes there and gets happy after seeing the noodles.

She starts eating them like a baby while saying that she wants to stay at Faltu's house tonight.

Just then, Dayima gets Ruhaan's call and Dayima complains that she has already warned Ruhaan to keep Faltu away from Shanaya as Shanaya is insisting on spending more time with Faltu.

However, Ruhaan feels relieved when Dayima tells him that Shanaya looks happy and he hangs up the call by asking Dayima to tell Shanaya that he is missing her.

When Dayima tells Shanaya that Ruhaan is missing her, Shanaya leaves the house.

However, Kanika comes there and taunts Faltu that she is an expert in manipulating people with her buttery talk.

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