Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 26th February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan blaming Vishal that he must have done all this because Faltu rejected him.

He tells Kanika he knows Vishal for a long time and that he can do anything to satisfy his ego.

Kanika stops them and tells them to maintain the decorum of the cricket academy.

She then points out that Ayaan should be on the flight to Switzerland along with his wife but instead, he left Tanisha at the airport to fight for Faltu.

When Ayaan asks to speak to Faltu in order to get some clarification, Kanika denies him.

She adds that she can’t tolerate the further insult to her daughter and will directly speak to Janardhan now as she disperses Ayaan.

As Ayaan walks out of the academy, he tries calling Faltu but her phone is switched off.

When he calls her father next, Faltu asks him to switch off his phone too as she doesn’t want to involve Ayaan in her mess again.

On the other hand, Janardhan is enraged having Kanika tell him that Ayaan left Tanisha at the airport after seeing Faltu’s video.

Meanwhile, Sid tells Tanisha that Ayaan has wronged her and uses the opportunity to add he would never treat her this way if he were in Ayaan’s shoes, during the drive.

On the other hand, An elderly woman gives Faltu shelter at her place and tells her that she believes Faltu’s side of the story completely.

Upon entering her room, Faltu bursts into tears as she recalls the way she was humiliated and wanders who coerced coach Vishal into accepting the fake video was true to ruin her cricket career.

Meanwhile, Janardhan asks Kinshuk to call Ayaan and declares Ayaan will have to choose either Faltu or this family.

Tanisha arrives with Sid and Savita tries to make her stop crying. Just then Kanika comes as well and gives Janardhan an ultimatum to either let Tanisha stay with him or Ayaan live with Faltu in her little hut.

Kanika reminds everyone that Ayaan has left Tanisha alone so many times from the day they got engaged and Tanisha won’t take it anymore.

When Ayaan comes, Janardhan scolds Ayaan for repeating the same mistake over and over again and hurting Tanisha in the process.

When he adds that he’s ashamed to call him his son, Ayaan apologizes for hurting him but tells him he needs to immediately have an important conversation with him in private.

Meanwhile, Faltu tells her father that she won’t rest till she proves that she’s innocent and has been framed and refuses to go back to Ittarpur.

Faltu asks two guys to spy on Coach Vishal to find out who instructed him to not speak up for Faltu.

Back at Janardhan’s house, Sid and Sumitra wonder what Ayaan and Janardhan are talking about and worry that if Janardhan decides to suppress the truth for the sake of the family.

They decide to make Faltu's video go viral if that turns out to be the case as they wait impatiently for Ayaan and Janardhan’s conversation to get over.

On the other hand, Janaradhan asks Ayaan what excuse he has this time and tells him that his deeds today will crumble the whole family.

Ayaan tells him to listen to what he has to say and tells him that he only remembers seeing vermillion in Faltu’s hairline right before fainting and nothing else.

He adds that he had asked Faltu countless times but she never gave him a straight answer and continued to grow distant.

When he decided to move forward with Tanisha, he got a call telling him he is married to Faltu.

Janardhan yells at him for basing his actions on some random call but Ayaan shows him a video of Faltu admitting to her marriage to Ayaan when she’s not fully conscious.

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