Faltu 26th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 26th March 2023 episode starts with Ayaan confessing that he was the one to put vermillion on Faltu as Karishma says that now, Faltu cannot leave the house.

In a flashback, Ayaan finds Vishal and is angry with him, asking Vishal why he destroyed Faltu's career.

Vishal angers Ayaan more when he says he wanted to do worse to Faltu.

Ayaan beats up Vishal as he says how dare he involve Faltu.

When Ayaan is almost going to kill Vishal, he finally reveals that Kanika is the one who gave him money.

Meanwhile, Kanika gets a call from the office guards who informs her about Ayaan as Ayaan threatened to complain to the police and so he had to hand over the file.

Back to the present, Kanika tells Tanisha that they should confess their wrongdoings before Ayaan tells everyone.

Tanisha is in fear as she says if she confesses, Ayaan might leave her.

When Janardhan asks why Tanisha is so scared, Kanika announces that she needs to tell them something.

Before she can speak Ayaan enters the house and also brings Faltu with him.

When Kanika tries to tell, Ayaan stops her and finally reveals that Kanika is behind destroying Faltu's career.

Ayaan also tells that Kanika made transactions from his account to Vishal so that later, they could frame Ayaan.

Kanika says that Tanisha is not involved as she did it alone because Ayaan forced her to.

Kanika tells him that after marriage, Ayaan didn't give the love and respect Tanisha deserves. 

She confesses that all she wants is to remove Faltu from his life so that her daughter, Tanisha, can have a happy married life and also says that she has no regrets.

As Ayaan almost confesses his love for Faltu, she stops him.

Ayaan asks Janardhan to give justice but he asks to solve the matter and asks Faltu to go out of the house.

However, Ayaan stops Faltu as he finally reveals that before marrying Tanisha, he had put vermillion on Faltu's forehead.

He apologizes that as he got unconscious, he did not remember but Faltu knew.

Faltu says that she never wanted to destroy Tanisha and Ayaan's married life as she agrees with Janardhan that it was just an accident.

Faltu consoles Tanisha as she asks Kanika to confess everything so that she can get back to the academy.

Sumitra says that Faltu cannot leave as she belongs to this house while Faltu apologizes to Ayaan for blaming him and asks Kanika to come clean.

Ayaan stops her and tells them that he needs to confess one thing.

Janardhan and Kanika understand the situation and ask Faltu to contact them tomorrow as they will help her get back into the academy.

Ayaan stops Faltu again and consoles Tanisha.

However, when Tanisha hugs him to start a new beginning, Ayaan tells her that it is not possible as he used to feel something for Faltu.

Ayaan finally confesses that he never loved Tanisha and so, he doesn't want to see her suffer.

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