Faltu 26th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 26th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 26th May 2023 episode starts with Kanika taunting Faltu that she can trap the people in her buttery talk.

However, Faltu replies to Kanika that as Kanika can see, she has already trapped Ruhaan and he has given his lawyer for Ayaan's case.

Kanika rudely tells Faltu that without proof, the lawyer won't be able to release Ayaan and mentions that she is going to London with Tanisha, right after the auction.

On the other side, Shanaya gets overwhelmed while telling Ruhaan about Faltu's loving and caring joint family.

However, Ruhaan tells Shanaya to sleep and then he makes a phone call.

At Mittal's house, everyone gathers in the hall and talks about Ayaan's hearing on the next day, when Faltu mentions that the lawyer has told her that it will be hard to release Ayaan without evidence.

Since Savita gets panicked and requests Faltu not to come home without Ayaan, Janardhan tells her to calm down and not stress Faltu anymore.

Just then, Harshvardhan tells everyone to get ready to leave the house before the auction and Kinshuk agrees with him.

Soon after that, when everyone leaves for their rooms, Tanisha comes to Faltu and asks her to accept her failure so she can give Faltu all the evidence to release Ayaan.

However, Faltu firmly replies that she knows Tanisha will never give the evidence, or else Ayaan wouldn't be in jail for that long.

Tanisha gets irate when Faltu leaves thereby showing her mirror and saying that after playing with people's lives, she has lost her all relationships.

In the meantime, Sid overhears the conversation and mutters where has Tanisha hidden the files.

Elsewhere, some masked men steal Brijbhushan's car in which the files are kept.

The next morning, it's the day for Ayaan's next hearing, and Faltu with her family prays to lord Krishna to provide her strength to fight for Ayaan.

Meanwhile, Kanika, Tanisha, and Sid are about to leave for the court hearing when Tanisha gets a call, informing her that Brijbhushan's car got stolen.

During the hearing, Kanika gets anxious and tells Tanisha that maybe Faltu has found the car.

Tanisha tries to calm down Kaniska by assuring her that Faltu will never be able to reach the car.

As the hearing starts, Ayaan's lawyer Mr. Ram presents the testimonials in favor of Ayaan, but the opposition's lawyer takes objection that the testimonials can be fake also.

Soon after that, everyone gets puzzled when Ram requests the judge for coming outside the court, as he wants to present something important.

As the opposition's lawyer argues that it is just an act of wasting the court's time, the judge agrees to give a chance to Mr. Ram.

Soon after that, everyone present in the court hearing stands on the stairs of the court and eagerly waits for Ram's presentation, and just then, Brijbhushan's car arrives there.

Kanika and Tanisha get shocked when Faltu steps down from the car with the files and handovers them to Mr. Ram.

Mr. Ram presents all the evidence of fake signatures and proves Ayaan's innocence.

After that, Mr. Ram drags the judge's attention to the car and says that the car is registered in Kanika's in-law's name.

He then shows the CCTV footage in which the goons are entering the car after snatching the files from Faltu's friends.

Meanwhile, Sid smirks by thinking that now Kanika will be arrested for her fraud and Tanisha won't be able to leave him and feels relieved.

Soon after that, Kanika gets scared when the judge declares that Ayaan is innocent and orders the police to search deeply for the real culprit.

However, Faltu emotionally thanks Mata Rani for helping her to release Ayaan from jail.

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