Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 27th February 2023 episode starts with Janardhan being shocked to hear Ayaan’s news about Faltu and blames her for blackmailing him. 

He tells Ayaan that he does not recall anything about that night and Faltu is using that to her advantage. 

Janardhan tells him that Ayaan has married Tanisha in the eyes of law while applying Sindoor on Faltu in an unconscious state is of no consequence. 

Ayaan defends Faltu when Janardhan calls her an opportunist saying, if that would have been the case then she would have been asking him for her rights and not quietly bearing their insults. 

He also tells him that Ayaan is very confused about the circumstances and does not understand what he should be doing. 

Meanwhile, Faltu is shocked to find out that Vishal and Ayaan were teammates and wonders if Vishal is doing this to her because of Ayaan.

At Mittal House, Janardhan begs Ayaan to finish Faltu’s chapter from his life and focus on Tanisha who he has married legally. 

He also emphasizes the gravity of the financial conditions his decision will have on their business and jeopardize everything. 

Meanwhile, Sunita apologizes to Tanisha for Ayaan’s behaviour. 

Kanika asks Tanisha to come with her to discuss some matters. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan’s uncle is shocked to hear Ayaan’s behaviour and speculates that there is more to all this than a simple scandal.

Sumitra wholeheartedly agrees and wonders the same. 

In the meantime, Kanika asks Tanisha if there is a slight possibility that Ayaan got a hold of Faltu’s confession video.

However, Tanisha tells her that only she and Sid has that video and that is safely kept inside the locker. 

On being asked about the possibility of video leakage from the hospital, Tanisha gets worried.

Meanwhile, Faltu is browsing the internet about Vishal and wonders why Ayaan and Vishal are at odds with each other when they were together in the past. 

After a while, Faltu tells her father that there is something fishy about Vishal and he has someone else’s support behind her scandal.

Later, Ayaan and Janardhan come out while Sunita asks Ayaan what he is hiding from them. 

Just then, Kanika comes with Tanisha and tells Janardhan that she will not go from there until all facts are out. 

She threatens to end the relationship and business partnership if Ayaan is not committed to Tanisha as her husband. 

Janardhan tells Kanika that he understands the complexity of their relationship and the role of partnership in the success of their business. 

Kanika feels empowered by Janardhan’s admission and tells him to ask Ayaan what was so important that he had to leave Tanisha behind at the airport instead of going on their honeymoon. 

Janardhan tells Kanika that Ayaan needs counseling as he has talked with him openly and based on that talk he thinks that Ayaan needs to see a counselor. 

Sid becomes worried at the new turn of events and asks Sumitra if she knows where this story is twisting. 

Janardhan tells everyone that Ayaan is suffering from guilt about Faltu and will not be able to keep Tanisha happy unless he is free from it. 

Meanwhile, Faltu's friends inform her about Vishal's history and tell her that he has not played more than the state level. 

Faltu gets suspicious of Vishal for landing a job in such a prestigious academy despite being underqualified. 

However, she rules out Kanika's involvement in Vishal's hiring as she is the one who has given her admission at Tanisha's request. 

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