Faltu 27th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th July 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th July 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 27th July 2023 episode starts with Faltu shouting for an auto to stop and rushing toward the J&M Mart office. 

Meanwhile, at the office, Ayaan asks Brij if Faltu is really with them while Neil talks about how they are doing what Ayaan should have done for his wife. 

On the other hand, Faltu manages to enter the office with her face covered using her dupatta while she stops a lady and requests her to deliver the files to Brij Bhardawaj. 

Faltu runs away

However, Kinshuk notices her just then and tells her to come with him to talk to Ayaan since he misses her. 

Faltu frees her hand from his and rushes out of the office and climbs the rickshaw to return. 

Back in the office, Brij accepts that Faltu has been living them and tells them how she saved Neil's life. 

Ayaan requests to meet Faltu but Brij refuses stating that Faltu had told him to not mention her to them. 

Kinshuk comes there just then and informs them that Faltu was at the office just then. 

Ayaan runs out of there to look for her while Janardan requests Brij to take him to Faltu. 

He states how it is a misunderstanding between Ayaan and Faltu as Ayaan has already torn the divorce papers. 

Kinshuk saves Ayaan from getting into an accident and comforts him telling him that they and take Brij's help. 

At the Bhardwaj mansion, Faltu runs inside and Gyan gets happy to see her since she was worried due to her absence. 

She tells him that she had gone to deliver the files to Brij and Neil before going to her room. 

Back at the office, Ayaan pleads with Brij and Neil to let him meet Faltu. 

Neel asks out loud who is the liar since Ayaan was the one who had signed and sent the divorce papers and Faltu had also signed them. 

Brij calls home and asks Gyan if Faltu has arrived home to which Gyan accepts stating that she just came from the office. 

Brij agrees to Ayaan's request

He disconnects the call as he tells Ayaan that Faltu would not like to meet him and that she has stated this to her father too. 

Brij talks about how Faltu has broken and that he would be the happiest if Faltu and Ayaan can mend their relationship. 

Later, Sid informs Tanu about Faltu's whereabouts which shocks her as she asks him for Brij's home address. 

He asks her why she needs it and scolds her telling her that she should not be the third person between Ayaan and Faltu. 

Sid disconnects the call telling Tanu that they are not going. 

Faltu worries in her room while Gyan comes there with tea for her asking her if she has any worries. 

She states that she was just waiting for Brij to return when the doorbell rings. 

Back at the Mittal family, Tanu instigates Savita who states that Faltu will never back to Ayaan since she has gotten egoistic. 

She states that she should stop them from getting together as they are not meant to be. 

However, as she turns around, Sid is standing there with a disappointed look on his face. 

At the Bhardwaj mansion, Faltu asks Brij and Neil if the Mittals have found out about her living with them while Brij talks about how Kinshuk had seen her. 

Faltu and Ayaan meet again

She gets shocked as she notices Ayaan entering the home and the tears automatically fall from her eyes recalling how Ayaan had insulted her. 

Elsewhere, Sid tries to explain to Savita that they should not go there since it is Ayaan and Faltu's decision since he is an adult. 

Savita argues that Ayaan is not happy with Faltu and that she will never accept Faltu back into their lives. 

Ayaan apologizes to Faltu telling her that Ruhaan has told him the truth. 

However, not being able to get his words out of her head, she tells him that Ruhaan has not told him one truth and it is that she and Neil are together. 

She repeats Ayaan's words about how she does not have to bow down to anyone in Neel's family and that she can play cricket too. 

Ayaan grovels saying that he knows she is repeating his words while Faltu looks at Janardan and states that she cannot continue to break and pick herself back up anymore. 

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