Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 27th June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 27th June 2023 episode starts with Faltu taking out the jewelry box from the cupboard when she notices the whole cupboard is a mess.

Meanwhile, Ayaan, Janardhan, and Savita enter the party and greet each attendee with a cheerful smile.

Kumkum enters the room at the same time and notices Faltu dressed in a lovely purple Saree.

She appreciates her beauty and urges her to wear the earrings, encouraging her to come downstairs and join the party.

Faltu, on the other hand, stops Kumkum and notifies her about her two missing suits from the cupboard, adding that she suspects someone has delved into her wardrobe.

This news perplexes Kumkum and she reminds Faltu that the leftovers may have gone to the Press and she demands that she come to the party as soon as possible.

Faltu overthink this as Kumkum walks away, wondering who may have done it.

Tanisha enters the room and seeing Faltu getting ready grabs her hand and eagerly inviting her to the party.

Tanisha evilly smiles and mutters that Ayaan will soon kick Faltu out of the house as she takes Faltu in.

Meanwhile, at the party, Janardhan introduces everyone to his proud son, Ayaan Mittal, and tells them that he will grow into a successful man one day.

Janardhan then whispers into Ayaan's ear and inquires about Faltu, prompting Faltu to walk down the stairs with a cute smile on her face.

When Ayaan sees Faltu, he mutters to himself that he is going to work things out with her after this party since he can no longer keep his relationship on the verge of animosity.

Janardhan applauds and welcomes Faltu, stating that he is delighted to have such a smart and grounded daughter-in-law like her.

He admires her for sacrificing her passion for the sake of the family and refers to her as the star of the house. 

Tanisha, meantime, grows tired of the melodrama and awaits Ruhaan's arrival at the party.

Faltu and Ayaan, on the other hand, execute a romantic dance in which they dance incredibly closely and passionately together.

During the dance, Faltu says to Ayaan that she has to talk to him about something important to which Ayaan responds that they will but after the party.

Ruhaan, on the other hand, calls one of the party's servers and inquires about what is going on to which the waiter informs him everything in detail.

He then holds Faltu's picture and evilly smiles, claiming that the Mittals will be startled by witnessing the star of their house, Faltu running away soon.

Meanwhile, the Mittals are enjoying the celebration by dancing to the tunes of 'Gal Mitthi Mitthi,' which Tanisha notices and envies.

She moves to the side and attempts to call Ruhaan, but she is unsuccessful since Ruhaan refuses to answer the phone.

However, Sid comes and asks Tanisha what she is doing here to which Tanisha replies that she was on the phone with a friend.

Meanwhile, the goons call Ruhaan and notify him that the security guards at the Mittal's warehouse are unconscious.

They seek permission to light the fire to which Ruhaan approves.

Faltu approaches Ayaan and notifies him of her discovery of something unusual going on.

Ayaan shuts her up when Faltu takes Ruhaan's name adding that he does not want her to take on his name.

As Ayaan walks away, the waiters slip drugs into a drink, and one waiter approaches Faltu complimenting her cricket skills and claiming to be a big fan of hers.

She then gives her a drink claiming that she made it, especially for her, which Faltu takes and drinks with a pleasant smile.

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