Faltu 28th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 28th February 2023 episode starts with Janardhan asking Tanisha to help him as Ayaan feels extremely guilty for Faltu’s failures. 

Meanwhile, Govind suggests a counselor friend to help Ayaan to come out of his guilt. 

Janardhan tells Kanika to carefully think about this matter as Ayaan only feels guilty for Faltu and there is no other emotion involved in it. 

Tanisha tells Ayaan that she now understands his problem and will help him in all possible ways. 

Janardhan offers to re-book their tickets but Ayaan tells him that his mental state does not permit him for a trip and asks everyone to understand him. 

Tanisha tells him that they will focus on his counselling for now. 

Janardhan tells Kanika to give Ayaan some time as he also wants Tanisha and Ayaan settled and happy. 

He requests she not think of breaking the partnership and give another chance to him. 

Kanika tells Janardhan that Tanisha is her weakness and she cannot see tears in her eyes and for her sake, she will give Ayaan another chance. 

Meanwhile, Faltu wakes up to switch on her phone and is surprised to see Ayaan’s missed calls. 

Just then, Faltu’s chawl friends knock on her door and take her to someone with more news about Vishal. 

Dilip, the canteen boy at the academy has recorded Vishal’s video while he is talking to the conspirator which he shows to Faltu. 

Faltu tells him to send the video to her number and thanks him for his help. 

However, Dilip tells her that he knows that she is innocent and a very good player who is an asset to the country. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan is thinking about the day's events when Tanisha tells him that she has taken the appointment of a famous counsellor that Kanika has suggested.

Later, Faltu tells her friends to go and rest and thanks them for their help. 

Her friends tell them that they are always by her side as she is like a sister to them, and that too a talented one.  

After a while, Faltu asks God why is it so difficult to dream for poor people and why they have to give tests every step of the way. 

She also tells that she is ready for all kinds of tests and will find a way to fulfill her dream. 

After a while, Faltu begins to practice and exercise for the coming days. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan wakes up from his sleep and tells Tanisha that he is not feeling well and is going to sit in the study. 

Later, Ayaan locks the door to the study and thinks about Faltu, despite his promise to Janardhan. 

He wants to know how Faltu is coping in the city among the strangers. 

Ayaan guesses that Faltu must be in her chawl and he will have to go there to find out about Faltu. 

Ayaan escapes through the balcony while Savita comes to Janardhan, asking the real reason behind Ayaan’s worry. 

However, Janardhan decides to keep her in the dark and tells her that Ayaan only came to him for his advice. 

Savita refuses to believe him and wonders what is it they are hiding. 

After a while, Ayaan arrives at Faltu’s chawl but has no idea about her chawl number while Faltu is practicing her batting with the help of her chawl friend. 

Some boys see Faltu playing and wonder about the video’s truth. 

Meanwhile, Ayaan hears someone playing cricket and believes that it can only be Faltu. 

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