Faltu 28th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 28th March 2023 episode starts with

Tanisha apologises to Ayaan telling him she knew his feelings for Faltu and did everything to keep him away from Faltu. 

Tanisha tells them that in her love for Ayaan, she has crossed all limits and that she wanted to destroy everything that comes between Ayaan and her but fails badly. 

Meanwhile, Faltu asks her why she gave her money for operation and admission in academy while Tanisha tells her it was all part of her plan.

Tanisha tells Kanika that she cannot force Ayaan anymore especially when Ayaan wants to live with Faltu.

Janardhan takes Tanisha's Side 

Janardhan tells Tanisha not to cry as she did everything to save her marriage and this family. 

Dadi scolds Janardhan for taking Tanisha’s side while she has destroyed Faltu’s career and reputation. 

However, Janardhan tells her that it is true that Tanisha has committed a mistake but she did everything for Ayaan and this shows that no one can love Ayaan the way Tanisha does. 

He also tells Tanisha that he will not accept anyone but her as the daughter-in-law of the house and Ayaan’s wife. 

He shames Ayaan for not caring for Tanisha while Ayaan reminds him that Tanisha has destroyed Faltu’s life. 

Faltu to Leave Ayaan

However, Faltu shut everyone asking her what was her mistake coming to this city with her dreams, while Tanisha destroyed her life for her benefit while everyone else is treating her like a cricket ball and hitting her from one side to another. 

She tells them she does not want to be a part of this life anymore and is leaving this house and this city forever. 

However, Tanisha stops her by holding her hand while Faltu misunderstood it to be Ayaan. 

Later, Tanisha tells Faltu that she misunderstood her to be Ayaan because she was hoping that it was Ayaan who will stop him and that shows her love for him. 

Tanisha also tells them that she wants them to get married and is divorcing Ayaan now.

However, Janardhan tells Kanika to talk some sense in Tanisha who is taking decisions without discussing them with anyone. 

However, Kanika accuses Ayaan of daring to insult his daughter for Faltu. 

Ayaan Takes A Stand 

She questions Ayaan if they have married him at gunpoint for which he is treating her daughter so poorly and for the sake of a cheap stake like Faltu. 

Ayaan reminds Kanika angrily that she has to use her whole position and power to destroy this girl. 

Meanwhile, Janardhan tells Ayaan to watch his tone while talking to his mother-in-law and threatens to throw him out if he continues to side with Faltu. 

However, Faltu tells Janardhan to not punish Ayaan for her and as far as divorcing Ayaan is concerned then Tanisha will not be doing that. 

She tells Ayaan to do her a favour and forget her and tells Tanisha to stop playing games with her as she has done enough for her by ruining her reputation. 

He tells Ayaan that he is Tanisha’s husband and she is the right choice for his family where as she will live with her cricket. 

Ayaan stops Faltu from leaving begging her to not leave him as he has accepted his feelings with great difficulty and does not want to live without her. 

However, Faltu walks away from him while reliving the moments of the past. 

Afterwards, Janaradhan tells Ayaan and Tanisha to listen to Faltu and focus on their life together.

Sid Gets Frustrated

In the meantime, Sid feels frustrated at Faltu for letting the opportunity pass due to her stupid rules and sentimental ideals while Sumitra questions Tanisha’s motivation behind agreeing to divorce Ayaan so easily. 

Meanwhile, Tanisha assures Ayaan that with time Faltu will realise her love for him.

She also tells him that despite the family’s objection they will take divorce each other as there is no point in stretching the relationship that has no love in it. 

On being criticised for playing games, Tanisha tells him that she was blind in love with him as she has always imagined living with him and cannot face him loving Faltu instead.

She also suggests to Ayaan to do something to force Faltu into confessing her love. 

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