Faltu 28th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 28th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 28th May 2023 episode starts with Ayaan helplessly looking at Faltu as Shanaya keeps requesting Ayaan to adjust in the guest room for 4-5 days.

However, Savita breaks her silence and stops Shanaya.

She tells her that Faltu can spend limited time with her as she has other important issues to solve.

Shanaya says that she cannot sleep unless there is someone by her side because she gets scared by horrid nightmares which is why she needs Faltu.

As Shanaya leaves with Faltu to sleep together, Savita says that Faltu has called upon trouble over them by allowing Shanaya to stay with them.

Ayaan defends Faltu by saying that Faltu must be doing this as Shanaya is Ruhan's sister and Ruhan has done many things to help their family.

Mayawati says that they are about to shift to a new house and do not have the luxury to look after another person other than their own family.

Janardhan reveals that even though Ruhan has helped their family but his behavior earlier in the office was not polite which is making him more nervous about Shanaya staying with them.

Ayaan agrees to talk to Faltu about the matter after everyone suggests that they send Shanaya back to her brother's house.

Meanwhile, Faltu tries calling Ruhan several times but he does not pick them up which makes Faltu nervous and worried about Shanaya being with her.

Shanaya shows Faltu some pictures while Faltu acts like she is enjoying seeing them.

Shanaya tells Faltu that she has decided to move on in her life and that she would play for the state-level selection that will be held after a while.

Faltu gets shocked as Shanaya asks her to become her coach for the upcoming selection of the players.

Amar ji comes to Faltu's room and tells her that many men dressed in black are surrounding the house from all sides which makes Faltu concerned and she peeks outside.

Shanaya spots the men and tells Faltu that Ruhan must have sent bodyguards for her safety although she did not ask for them.

Ruhan calls Faltu and informs her about the guards along with an apology for the inconvenience caused by his sister living with them to which Faltu responds generously.

At the same time, Kanika scolds Tanisha for not destroying those documents and gets fed up when Tanisha says that Ayaan at least got released from jail.

Sid assures Tanisha that he would do everything in his control to protect her and would take the blame on himself if the situation demands it.

Tanisha asks Sid why he would do such a thing to which Sid replies that he can do anything for Tanisha's sake as he loves her very much.

Faltu asks Shanaya to go to sleep and she returns after talking to Ayaan for a bit.

However, as Shanaya tries to sleep, some images flash in front of her eyes, making her wake up with a horrified gasp.

Meanwhile, Tanisha decides that she wants to go another chance at her and Sid's marriage which makes Sid jump for joy

She also demands that Sid has to save the family from the auction as she wants everyone to stay together.

Meanwhile, Faltu brings Ayaan to a decorated room as a welcome gift for him and says that she would have prepared more if she had more time.

Ayaan says that he needs to talk to Faltu about Shanaya and asks Faltu to stay away from her even though she is Ruhan's sister as he does not find Ruhan a good personality.

Faltu gets sulky and proceeds to leave when Ayaan stops her and pins her against the wall while gently kissing her forehead, cheeks, and hands.

Ayaan closes his eyes and comes closer to Faltu for an intimate kiss when Shanaya opens the door making Ayaan fall to the floor.

Shanaya takes away Faltu with her while Ayaan remembers about the state selection and says that they would need to work harder this time.

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