Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 29th January 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 29th January 2023 episode starts with Ayaan saying that all he ever wanted was to help Faltu, however, Faltu chose to run away from him.

Ayaan tells Charan how dare he and Faltu talk to him like that, saying that both Charan and Faltu are just two selfish greedy people who do not respect him at all.

Ayaan says that he will never come back into their lives and storms out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, Sid’s subordinate informs him about the incident which took place at the hospital which makes Tanisha very happy.

However, Sid is scared that he might lose Tanisha because everything is going according to her plan.

Back at the hospital, Charan tells Pratap that he had to do this because he was afraid that Ayaan might never go back to his married life and only be concerned about Faltu.

Charan also says that he knows Ayaan is a good man and that is why it is Charan’s responsibility to release Ayaan of Faltu’s responsibility.

After some time, Ayaan angrily drives the car thinking about Faltu and Charan, and yells to himself that he will never see Faltu’s face ever again.

Ayaan being lost in his thoughts fails to see a bus coming his way and when he does, he immediately turns his car and gets hit by a tree.

Passers-by come and fetch Ayaan out of the car as he lies unconscious and soaked in blood.

Meanwhile, Faltu is under the effect of anesthesia and dreams that Ayaan has come to see her.

In her dream, Ayaan says that why did Faltu make him feel like he is a culprit.

Ayaan asks what was his fault that she neglected all his efforts & then promises Faltu that he will never return to her life.

Faltu gets very restless because of the dream and the doctors notice that Faltu’s BP has fallen down and her heartbeat has increased.

After a while, a nurse informs Charan that Faltu’s operation was successful and she has now been shifted to the ICU.

Meanwhile, the passers-by bring Ayaan to the same hospital where Faltu is admitted, as Faltu's stretcher comes out of the O.T., Ayaan's stretcher is taken in which makes their hands slightly brush together for a moment.

Sid’s subordinate informs Sid and Tanisha about Ayaan’s accident and that his situation is very critical.

Janardhan also learns the news about Ayaan’s accident which makes the entire Mittal house aware of it.

Savita begs Janardhan to take her along with him to the hospital to which Janardhan replies that first, he has to go and see how Ayaan landed up near the hospital when he was gone to the office.

Tanisha tells Janardhan that Ayaan went there to meet Faltu which shocks everyone in the Mittal house to their cores.

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