Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd February 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 2nd February 2023 episode starts with Ayaan breathing heavily in the hospital bed as he removes the oxygen mask.

Noticing Ayaan behaving like this, Tanisha gets scared and calls the doctors urging them to check.

The doctor rudely orders Tanisha to leave, seeing her panicked state and she walks out of the room.

While Tanisha is panicking outside the room, the doctor arrives there to apologize to her and mentions that it seems like Ayaan has heard something which deeply impacted him and that’s why he is behaving like this.

Meanwhile, two nurses are searching for Faltu when they find Faltu walking in the corridor with a cut on her hand.

When one of the nurses comments that it does not look like she wants to be cured, Faltu does not utter any words.

She feels relieved after confessing her feeling to Ayaan in his unconscious state since she knows she cannot do it when Ayaan wakes up from his sleep.

On the other hand, Tanisha gives the good news of Ayaan’s recovery to Janardhan who urges her to come home, otherwise she will be sick.

Janardhan even promises Tanisha that he will shift Ayaan to the home the next day, making Tanisha happy and she cuts the call.

Afterward, Janardhan urges Savita to wipe off her tears as she needs to welcome Ayaan the next day with a cheerful smile.

Mayawati then orders Kinshuk to go to the hospital to bring Tanisha home and Govardhan mentions that Sid has gone to the hospital to give Tanisha food.

He also adds that Sid will come back with Tanisha and Janardhan mentions that Sid is more mature than Ayaan since Ayaan tends to make stupid mistakes due to his craze for Faltu.

The next day, the doctor tells Faltu that her eyes are making a recovery but when she asks if she can play cricket which is scheduled for next month, the doctor reveals that it is difficult to say.

Afterward, Jamuna and Charan are taking Faltu home when they are stopped in the hallway by Tanisha and Sid.

Tanisha informs Faltu that she is the one who has arranged the 20 lacks for her eye operation, causing everyone to get shocked. 

Tanisha mentions that she is sure this is the reason behind Ayaan’s accident as Ayaan was trying his best to know the donor’s name.

When Faltu asks how this is possible, Tanisha reveals that Ayaan got into argument with Charan in the hospital which caused him to drive recklessly.

Faltu again states that they would have arranged the money to which Sid replies that they donated the money so Ayaan can finally focus on his married life.

As Tanisha and Sid announce that they want Ayaan to move on from Faltu’s responsibility, Faltu recalls her wedding memory.

Faltu reveals that she just wants to be a cricketer and also mentions that she will try her best to repay the debt.

With a smug smile, Tanisha thinks Faltu can pay the debt by just keeping her distance from Ayaan.

After Faltu walks away with her family, Tanishia mentions that she will make her admission into the cricket academy so Faltu gets buried under her debt.

However, Sid thinks he will bring Faltu and Ayaan close in order to get Tanu.

Meanwhile, Savita and Mayawati blame Faltu for Ayaan’s accident and Ayaan asks them if Faltu is all right.

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