Faltu 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd June 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd June 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 2nd June 2023 episode starts with Ayaan getting a call, asking to come to Mittal's house directly.

Later, at Mittal House, Ayaan worriedly asks Kinshuk why they are at home and Govardhan replies that they are only left with a little cash.

Govardhan tells Ayaan the doctor has informed them that they should start procedures as soon as possible otherwise the repercussions could be serious.

As Savita gets emotional and starts sobbing, Falu tries to calm down her by saying that they will arrange the money and Mayawati and Janardhan will be alright.

Since Ayaan is about to leave for knocking on some doors to arrange the money, Tanisha stops him and asks everyone to have lunch first.

Everyone gets surprised when Tanisha tells them that she has cooked lunch for them as nobody has eaten anything since the last day.

Tanisha sincerely requests everyone that she will prove to them that she is a good daughter-in-law.

Further, she apologizes to Faltu by saying that she is no more interested in Ayaan and she wants to start her married life with Sid.

Tanisha requests Faltu to tell everyone to eat something so they will listen to her but Ayaan asks Faltu to come along with him.

However, Tanisha holds Ayaan's hand to stop him requesting him to eat something.

Ayaan warns her to leave his hand and in the next few minutes, he takes off Tanisha's hand forcefully while pushing her to the side.

This makes Tanisha bump into the food trolly and all the plates and the food spreads on the floor.

Just then, Sid angrily tells Ayaan that he can't misbehave with his wife and Ayaan furiously tells Sid to keep Tanisha away from him.

In the meantime, at Ruhaan's house, Shanaya gets excited wearing the cricket kit after a long time and Ruhaan clicks her pictures.

On the other hand, in Faltu's room, Ayaan keeps insisting on Faltu, to know about the private conversation between Ruhaan and her.

Faltu worriedly replies that Ruhaan is ready to give the money but they shouldn't accept it, as they have to keep tolerating Shanaya because they are in debt to Ruhaan.

Moreover, Ayaan agrees with Faltu when she says that they are becoming a puppet of Ruhaan by taking his help, now and then.

Ayaan hugs Faltu while telling her to not be stressed but Faltu keeps struggling with the dilemma of whether she has to deal with Ruhaan or not.

Meanwhile, in Ruhaan's room, he is playing with a lighter while muttering that Shanaya's happiness is far more valuable than Faltu's dream of becoming a cricketer.

Ruhaan arrogantly shut off the lighter by saying that Faltu has to accept his offer as he won't leave any other option for her.

Back in Faltu's room, Faltu tells Ayaan that she forgot to tell him that someone called him and offered the money for playing cricket with someone else's name.

Ayaan gets shocked and asks Faltu to give the number of that person while Faltu replies that she accidentally deleted it.

However, Ayaan gets exasperated and tells Faltu that she shouldn't deal with her dream of being a cricketer at any cost because it's holding the hopes and encouragement of too many people.

Ayaan makes her understand that he will never forgive himself if Faltu has to give up on her dream because of him.

Later, the next morning, Ayaan gets ready in the early morning and is about to leave somewhere while taking care that Faltu won't wake up.

Just then, he accidentally ends up making Faltu get up.

Faltu gets surprised by looking at the time and asks Ayaan worriedly where he is heading while Ayaan replies that he is going to arrange the money as his friend has given him the number of some loan sharks.

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