Faltu 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd March 2023 Written Update

Faltu 2nd March 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 2nd March 2023 episode starts with Faltu looking up the recipe for making mushroom garlic noodles on the net.

She is utterly confused and prays to Mata Rani so that she does not fail in her plan of justifying her image.

Pratibha comes to the scene and asks Faltu what she was murmuring to herself.

Faltu replies, giving the reason that she was learning to cook, as she likes it.

Pratibha sympathizes with Faltu and how badly she feels about her condition.

Just then, Pratibha’s drunk husband comes there, calling out to her.

Pratibha informs him about Faltu and that she is going to stay with them for a few days.

Pratibha’s husband says how he recalls seeing Faltu’s video, telling her that he thought that she would have fled away from the town after such shameful news about her got viral.

He advises her to be happy, get married off, and manage household life and leaves.

Pratibha asks Faltu to not pay attention to her drunk husband’s talks, to which Faltu replies that she doesn't mind, but vows to herself to not rest peacefully until she takes revenge on all the false allegations put forth against her.

Meanwhile, Tanisha assures Savita on the call, telling her that she would keep her updated regarding the session from the counselor as soon as it got over, for which they had come.

Savita is stressed about Ayaan’s situation, but all the family members advise her not to worry, hearing that she proceeds to take her medicine, still tense.

Meanwhile, Daadi asks Amar (the caretaker) if he has found any cook that they were looking for.

Amar replies by saying that he couldn't.

Savita reasons how she was quite capable of cooking food, to which all members unitedly deny her and ask her to focus on her health instead.

In the session, Tanisha tells the counsellor everything about Ayaan’s situation.

Meanwhile, Faltu tries negotiating with the caretaker to hire a boy, describing his capabilities and telling him that he is fit for the job.

The caretaker denies it, fearing that the boy would not be able to meet the standards of cooking for such wealthy people. 

Upon asking the name, Faltu makes up the name Rocky on the spot, hearing that the caretaker informs her that the boy is to be present the next day at Mittal residence.

He says that the interview would be taking place.

Meanwhile, the counsellor gives Ayaan a form to fill out, which is an exercise that he had to solve till the next session.

On the other hand, Siddharth and Sumitra find the pen drive and enters the information in it onto their laptop.

However, the data comes out to be corrupted, frustrating both of them. 

After the session, Ayaan hires a person to find and spy on Vishal’s each and every move to keep him informed without being noticed.

Tanisha overhears this conversation and gets tensed.

She calls Kanika and informs him about it while Kanika advises her to not worry.

Amidst this, Faltu transforms herself into “Rocky” with the help of her chawl friends.

Vishal is not happy with his new place in the hospital and calls Kanika, complaining about the poor arrangements made, but Kanika convinces him to adjust for the time being, for his own safety.

The next day, the interview takes place for the cook in the Mittal house.

Amongst the others, Faltu also arrives at the place, in her new Avatar and the Mittal family members are impressed, seeing “Rocky’s” extraordinary personality. 

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