Faltu 30th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 30th January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 30th January 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 30th January 2023 episode starts with two nurses who are taking care of Faltu talk about how Faltu will lose the effect of anesthesia by evening and also, how more than half of the staff is looking after Ayaan Mittal.

Faltu’s ears get alerted on hearing Ayaan’s name.

Meanwhile, Tanisha tells everyone that she is the one who paid for Faltu’s surgery which is supposed to happen today.

Tanisha then says that she will explain everything later but first they need to go to the hospital.

Tanisha, Sid, and Janardhan leave for the hospital while Sumitra accidentally says that Tanisha was not supposed to reveal that.

Mayawati gets up asking Sumitra if she knew about this from the very beginning to which Sumitra replies positively because she knew that lying won’t help her anymore.

Back at the hospital, Faltu dreams about everything that has happened in the past which makes her restless and increases her heartbeat.

She also dreams of Ayaan putting Sindoor in Tanisha’s head after which Tanisha also says that Faltu should leave them alone because they are a happily married couple.

Faltu says in her dream that she will go away and will never return no matter what.

In reality, Faltu is throwing her hands and leg here and there while dreaming and after some time, she finally wakes up.

Faltu removes the bandage from her face when a nurse enters and finds out that Faltu’s heart rate is severe.

Faltu sees a lot of light and little vision.

Meanwhile, Janardhan, Sid, and Tanisha reach the hospital and find out that Ayaan’s condition is very critical as he has gotten a head injury.

Janardhan blames Tanisha for Ayaan’s condition because if she had not paid for Faltu’s surgery. then this would not have happened.

Sid takes Tanisha to a bench and tries to calm her down and asks her not to cry or else they have to put a bed next to Ayaan’s for Tanisha.

After some time, the doctor asks Charan and Pratap to go home and also tells them that Faltu’s blood pressure keeps dropping because of her unstable mental health.

Sid watches Charan and Pratap leave.

Back at the Mittal house, Kinshuk is calling Janardhan but no one receives the call.

Meanwhile, Savita is in a very bad state because she is very worried about Ayaan.

Sumitra says that Ayaan is a very safe driver so Faltu must have said something horrible to him which would have diverted his mind while driving.

Savita says that if Faltu is behind everything then she will never forgive her.

Meanwhile, Faltu calls Charan again and again to which the nurse replies that her father has just left and the doctor is busy with another surgery relating to Ayaan Mittal.

As the nurse leaves, Faltu tries very hard to get up so that she can go to Ayaan.

Meanwhile, the doctor tells Janardhan that the operation is successful, however,  the next 48 hours are very crucial for Ayaan.

Kanika also arrives at the hospital and hugs Tanisha.

Tanisha apologizes to Janardhan to which Janardhan replies that she should not have paid for Faltu's surgery because now, she is responsible for Ayaan’s condition.

Sid tries to tell Janardhan the entire truth but Tanisha stops him.

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