Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 30th May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 30th May 2023 episode starts with Shanaya keeping an eye on the arrangements in the Mittal House.

Just then, Faltu gets breakfast for her and tells Shanaya about the bidding on Mittal's house since Janardhan could not pay back the money taken from the bank.

Shanaya gets enraged hearing Faltu’s words and decides to seek Ruhaan’s help for saving the Mittal house.

Meanwhile, Janardhan thinks about his efforts to make the Aashirwad, and a tear rolls down his cheek.

In the meantime, Govardhan on a call yells at the broker for ditching him at the last moment and as he has no other option left.

Harshvardhan tells Janardhan that the brokers are stepping back considering their financial condition and negative publicity.

Further, Mayawati asks Harshvardhan for helping out Ayaan with the luggage despite getting involved in a conversation.

Ayaan also joins the family in the hall and Faltu informs Ayaan and Mayawati that they have no house to stay after the bidding as the brokers have stepped back.

Just then, Harshvardhan suggests to Janardhan that they can request the new owner to allow them a grace period to find a house for themselves.

On the other hand, Shanaya keeps calling Ruhaan but he fails to answer her calls.

Daaimaa visits Shanaya to take her back but Shanaya yells at her.

Shanaya assures Faltu of Ruhaan's help

Ayaan agrees with Harshvardhan’s suggestion and turns back to walk out but collides with Shanaya.

Shanaya holds Faltu’s hand and tells her to not worry as Ruhaan will save their house from being sold out.

Ayaan irked by Shanaya, tells Faltu to ask Shanaya to leave as they already have their hands full with problems.

Faltu requests Shanaya to return to her house and talk to Ruhaan.

Meanwhile, Tanisha tells Kanika that they have decided to be a part of the Mittal family and will live with them from now onwards.

Frustrated with Tanisha’s decision, Kanika scolds Tanisha and Siddharth for their decision.

Siddharth tells Tanisha that he cannot step back as Tanisha has decided to give the relationship a new chance.

Back in the Mittal house, Kinshuk and Faltu give Mayawati her medicine and comfort her.

Faltu assures Mayawati that she should not worry as the family will work hard and earn immense wealth to buy the house back.

As Faltu puts Mayawati to sleep, Kinshuk tells Faltu that he has never seen Mayawati so low.

Faltu tells Kinshuk that the family can fight all the battles till the time they are together.

Meanwhile, Siddharth tells Kanika that they will live with the Mittal family if Tanisha wants to.

Sumitra walks into the room and gets irritated hearing Siddharth out.

Further, Sumitra bashes Siddharth for choosing the Mittal family over her and destroying everything on his own.

She reprimands Siddharth for choosing homeless people over Kanika’s beautiful house.

In the meantime, Ayaan joins Faltu in Mayawati’s room and asks her to come along for the bidding process.

Faltu grabs Ayaan’s hands and tells him that she is afraid of the bidding and Ayaan holds Faltu and comforts her.

Ayaan tells Faltu to hold onto her strength and hugs her tightly.

On the other hand, Sumitra insists Siddharth reconsider his decision to stay away from Janardhan.

Kanika tells Tanisha that she will purchase a new house for her and Siddharth and they can start their new life.

Tanisha, excitedly, tells Kanika that they can buy the house and gift it to Janardhan and that way the family will accept her back.

Bidding on Mittal house!

After a while, the bidding process starts in the Mittal house and the host welcomes the guests to the event.

The host showcases stunning pictures of the Mittal house while the Mittal's hold onto their emotions.

At the Sachdeva house, Shanaya has created a ruckus in her house and Ruhaan runs to calm her down.

Shanaya tells Ruhaan about Faltu’s problems and tells him to save the Mittal house for her special friend.

She tells Ruhaan that Faltu has motivated her to participate in the state trials and will help her in practising as well.

Shanaya tells Ruhaan that she has got another chance to fulfill her father’s dream with a twinkle in her eyes.

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