Faltu 31st January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 31st January 2023 Written Update

Faltu 31st January 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 31st January 2023 episode starts with Faltu getting up from her bed and thinking that somehow she has to go to Ayaan.

Faltu's head starts paining when she opens her eyes and starts yelling to which the nurse replies that Faltu should not open her eyes as it might harm her eyes.

Faltu asks the nurse if the patient Ayaan Mittal is okay or not to which the nurse replies that Ayaan Mittal had a successful operation.

However the next 48 hours will be very critical for him.

Meanwhile, Kanika tries to calm Janardhan to which Janardhan says that since Faltu has stepped into Ayaan's life, he has been facing these problems.

Charan and Pratap reach the hospital again where they learn that Ayaan has met with a very big accident and had a very critical surgery.

Janardhan again blames Tanisha for Ayaan's condition and says that he is very disappointed in her and will not forgive her once Ayaan gets well.

Janardhan and Sid leave to meet the doctor when Kanika holds her.

Tanisha says that she never meant this to happen because she only wanted Ayaan and Faltu to be apart.

Tanisha then says that she will take so much care of Ayaan that he will fall in love with her and also become very healthy.

Meanwhile, Faltu asks the nurse to call her father and her brother because she is feeling very anxious.

The nurse says that she will call them only for 5 minutes and not a minute more.

Charan enters with the nurse and asks Faltu if she is okay to which Faltu says that she still cannot see anything.

The nurse says that if Faltu keeps trying to open her eyes, then she will not get her eyesight back and asks Charan to explain this to her.

Charan asks Faltu what is it that she wants to see so badly to which Faltu replies that she has found out about Ayaan.

He says that Ayaan had come to meet her in the morning but he said a lot of miserable things to him to shoo him away.

Charan states that he did not mean this to happen to which Pratap replies that now, Ayaan is okay and is in the last ward in the hospital.

The nurse asks Charan and Pratap to leave after which Faltu thinks that he has to go and see Ayaan now.

Meanwhile, Tanisha insists on staying at the hospital to which Janardhan says that first, he wants to know what was Tanisha's plan.

Kanika snaps at Janardhan and says that Tanisha paid for Faltu's surgery to hold the promise which Ayaan made to Charan about Faltu's safety.

Janardhan says that Kanika is right and he is overthinking because of Ayaan's condition but he still does not understand the revelation of Tanisha's actions.

Harsh and Gautam explain to Janardhan that Tanisha is equally sad about whatever has happened and is not responsible for Ayaan's condition.

Everyone else leaves apart from Sid and Tanisha when Tanisha says that just because of Faltu, everyone is after her life.

After a while, Faltu gets up from her bed and starts heading towards Ayaan's room as she thinks that by now, his family members must have gone home.

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