Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Update

Faltu 31st May 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 31st May 2023 episode starts with the doctor informing the Mittal's about the cost of treatment which will start from 1.5 lakhs for Mayavati's treatment.

Ayaan asks the doctor to start it right away as they will somehow arrange the money but the doctor lets him know that the first money has to be deposited.

Govardhan gets worried while Harshvardhan says that he has money after selling all his stocks and will be back in no time with it.

After he leaves, Faltu gently tells Ayaan that she will go and request Ruhaan to let them stay until Dadi and Janardhan gets stable in their health.

Ayaan denies Faltu but she insists that they have to try somehow.

Meanwhile, Ruhaan tells his lawyer that there should be no movement from their end regarding Mittal's house until he instructs him anything.

The lawyer agrees and leaves for his home when Shanaya comes to ask Ruhaan if he has started the process to help Faltu.

Ruhaan agrees and asks Shanaya to go to bed who dreams about resurrecting her cricket career with Faltu's help.

As Ruhaan pours himself a glass of whiskey, his servant informs him that Faltu has come.

Faltu enters the living room and requests Ruhaan to let her family stay in their house as the landlord whose house they were going to rent has denied his permission to let them live there.

She further asks him to let them stay at Mittal's house until Mayavati and Janardhan's health gets better while Ruhaan agrees.

Faltu gets happy and assures Ruhaan that she will help Shanaya too and Ruhaan nods with a smile on his face.

After Faltu takes her leave, Ruhan mutters to himself that he will ask Faltu to pay a price for all the help as he has to take revenge against Janardhan too.

Meanwhile, Ayaan asks Kinshuk to act maturely and patch things up with Aisha as they have a baby together.

Just then, Tanisha and Sid enter the hospital and Govardhan goes mad, asking them to leave.

However, Tanisha states that they have realized their faults and have come for penance but Ayaan yells at them to leave once and for all.

Faltu also doubts their intentions and later tells Ayaan about Ruhaan's generosity but Ayaan says there is something fishy about him.

Meanwhile, Sumitra is in her room, practicing her monologue as to how to apologize to Savita by acting as a changed woman.

She grumbles about how she has to do all this due to Sid and Tanisha.

At the hospital, the doctor later reveals that they need to put stents in Mayawati's heart as her heart condition is not too good.

With a bill spanning more than 12 lakh rupees, the Mittal's find themselves in a quandary when Tanisha says she will pay but Ayaan asks her to stay out of it.

However, Ayaan says that he will arrange the money after Harshvardhan suggests they sell Savita, Mayavati, and Sumitra's jewellery as his stock money is finished.

Ayaan reminds them about the jewellery being frozen by the bank.

Faltu and Ayaan then try to convince the director of the hospital to start the treatment as they are running short on money.

However, they only meet with disappointment after which the doctor again tells them to arrange more money as the treatment will get costlier.

Faltu tries to soothe Ayaan who says that he cannot see light around him and only darkness.

She then takes him alone to talk and suggests that they take Ruhaan's help.

Ayaan labels it as a bad idea since Ruhaan may have malicious intentions and Janardhan wouldn't like it too if he gets to know that his treatment is being paid for by Ruhaan.

Faltu questions Ayaan if he has a better idea because she just cannot see Dadi and Janardhan suffer.

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