Faltu 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd August 2023 Written Update

Faltu 3rd August 2023 Written Update: Faltu serial written update

Today's Faltu 3rd August 2023 episode starts with Siddharth questioning Tanisha why she is standing in front of Ayaan’s bedroom alone.

Tanu replies calmly that she was just taking medicine to Ayaan when she noticed Faltu in Ayaan’s room which makes Sid angry.

Sid grabs Tanisha’s hand angrily, saying that he knows Tanisha very well so he knows that Tanisha is again trying to get Ayaan back.

He yells that he knows Tanu since childhood so the way Tanisha is manipulating everyone against Faltu has not escaped his eyes.

Tears well up in Tanisha’s eyes after hearing this while Sid explains frustratingly that he will not let Tanu ruin Ayaan-Faltu’s relationship and that he will also never let Tanu walk away from him.

Meanwhile, Ayaan starts behaving stubbornly that he does not want the nurse to inject the injection when Faltu walks in.

Faltu sternly orders Ayaan to let the nurse do whatever is required but Ayaan asks Faltu why she cares for him so deeply.

She lets it slip that she is Ayaan’s wife which gives her authority so Ayaan excitedly urges the nurse to do what his wife has said.

Ayaan then falls asleep after the injection and Faltu walks out of his room.

When Faltu arrives in the living room, she gets notified that Neil is waiting outside for her which comes as a big surprise for her.

Tanisha taunts Faltu by saying that Ayaan is Faltu’s husband so it is justified that he was waiting for Faltu in the rain but she does not understand what relationship Faltu has with Neil.

Savita sides with Tanu while Mayawati questions Faltu if she is seriously leaving because she thought Faltu would stay for the night.

In a calming voice, Faltu replies that the nurse is here to take care of Ayaan so she does not need to stay in the Mittal mansion any longer.

She even sternly orders Tanisha not to poke her nose in everyone’s business as she does not need to justify her relationship with Neil to Tanisha.

Saying this, Faltu walks out of the room and when she meets Neil, she starts scolding him since she got insulted because of him.

Neil tries to make Faltu’s mood lighter by making jokes causing Faltu to chuckle lightly.

Tanisha watches Faltu and Neil’s interaction from the balcony and she clicks all the pictures on her phone.

When Faltu again returns to the Mittal mansion to bid farewell to everyone, Savita again starts questioning her character.

Savita smugly comments that Faltu should not come back since she is not needed here to which Faltu replies that she is coming here for Ayaan’s sake only.

She further states that once Ayaan recovers Savita will never see her face even again.

Later during the car ride, Faltu starts crying silently, recalling the hurtful words so to cheer up her, Neil suggests a panipuri competition.

Faltu and Neil then start their panipuri competition during which Neil starts coughing due to spice.

However, Neil soon calms down as he notices Faltu starts smiling so they stop the competition.

Faltu then explains to Neil that Ayaan does not like panipuri which is why she used to avoid it sometimes while Neil confesses that he loved a girl so much who left him because she wanted to focus on her carrier.

He announces that now he plays with girls' hearts before they get a chance to ruin his life again when Faltu advises Neil to move on from his past since it is hurting him only.

Hearing this, Neil questions Faltu why she is not over Ayaan yet as Ayaan's family always insults her so Faltu should also let new people in her life now.

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